Dad's for Halo: A discussion on improvement

Hello everyone,

Like some of you, I have been playing Halo since Halo: Combat Evolved. Currently, I am working a full time job, raising two beautiful children and helping my wife go back to school. I am able to fit in a few hours per week playing Halo and I have a few things to say about the experience. It has been an incredible experience meeting a new community, enhancing tactics and watching a franchise grow. Of course, when there are highs there are lows. Halo Infinite is the closest thing we all have to a core Halo game. It encompasses the multiplayer values of Halo 2, the campaign focus of CE and the modern feel 343 is creating.

The issues that I see are fixable, but frustrating. Understandable, nonetheless. I will list the issues that stand out so we all may discuss them. Please correct me on terminology or my opinions if applicable.

  1. Played games are not syncing with challenges 100% of the time. I will have to repeat the same game type to achieve the same challenge I had just completed.
    mad face

  2. Gaining XP solely from challenges takes away from the core of what Halo multiplayer is and was.

2a. I can complete most of the challenges in one to two days. This leaves little incentive towards XP or gaining anything other than the joy of the game. I like shiny things 343. All I want are the shiny things after completing in game milestones, not 300xp towards a limited season. Remember how hard it was to get Recon armor? Or reach level 50?

  1. Servers are not syncing: melees are not registering and lunges are acting sketchy.

  2. There should be an option for turning cross platform on and off. This one I am pretty firm on since a controller cannot compete with a mouse in tactical/swat; there’s just no way.

Let’s start with these and build a list for reference. My hope is for all of us to be cordial and thoughtful on how we build this list to ensure it is utilized by 343 and taken seriously.

Furthermore, the game itself is incredible in my opinion. The campaign struck me hard in the nostalgia, the references to lore within the game is excellent and overall I think it is a beautiful game that needs a few tweaks to ensure the community sticks around for another epic Halo installment.

Thanks for reading and collaborating everyone.


Irish Smurf89


I pretty much in the same boat. Would be lucky to play daily. And only for a handful of games at a time.

The challenges need to be more generic and team orientated.

XP doesn’t mean much to me - but I can see the value in making it more skill based (weighted around wins and objective relevant medals).

Living in Tasmania I used to changing the way I play when lagging etc. Would always welcome something that tightens up play.

But sorry, meh to crossplay. SBMM will match the teams and I don’t have to worry about who is using what.

But it has Sprint thoough. Are we going to ignore that changes it gameplay? To me this is just another modern shooter. The moment it has Sprint it’s not close to the classic at all. It effects map design and gameplay. Then we have clamber and slide. Two.more things classic Halo doesn’t have.

Gathering from launch after reading a lot of post it kept me from not wanting to buy any battle pass. Halo is not a looter shoot, and because of the lack of development to get 343 by, it looks like they are trying to treat it like one to keep that padded playtime.

343 has a hell of a lot of work ahead of them, the problem is, a lot of that is spending a lot of time and resources fixing problems instead of creating content for the game.


I agree on almost all points. The exception being how long it takes to complete the challenges. I play multiple nights a week and struggle to get them all done. I am pretty stingy with the swaps though.