D-Day in Halo?

Hey everyone.

Well, a few pals and I are making a map to go with the theme of D-Day on Halo 5 and were looking for people to test it out and and give us some feedback on it. If anyone is interested just commebt below or message me directly. Thanks!!!

I would join.

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> I would join.

Ill add you tonight. Spread the word to your friends

sounds cool, im down.

If I’m available. I’ll do it.

Down for it, I always loved d day maps in halo.

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> Down for it, I always loved d day maps in halo.

Message me on XBox and ill get you in.

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> If I’m available. I’ll do it.

How often are you available?

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> sounds cool, im down.

Same with you message me on xbox and ill get you in

As the guy who is mainly building this map with Vader, I’m sorry it’s not finished yet (I had uni and other -Yoink-) should be in a playable state by next weekend if u r all still up for trying it out :slight_smile: it’s probably going to be 6 (Germans) v 10(Brit’s) [maybe 7v9] so we will need a full lobby. The humans will have better fire power and far safer spawns, the Brit’s, on the other hand will just be getting mowed down contiunsly, hence they have more numbers,

It will work as a ctf game mode with the brits having a time period to grab a flag at the top of the beach to win, is time runs out with the humans sucsefully holding the beach the will be transported to a room to cap there flag and win.

It would be nice to hear any ideas u guys have for the map now so’s as I can implement them before testing begins.

Currently there is 3 landing crafts (Ally’s spawns) on a beach covered in tank traps. This leads up to a axis trench at the top with 2 machine gun /sniper bunkers overlooking it, be hind the ridge of the bunkers are on will be one or two planted wraiths for axis to use as artillery, there is no site lines from these to the beach so team work (or random chance) will be needed to use them effectively.
Ally’s will also have a tank on a slow respawn to use as moving cover