Cyber Showdown impeding BP progress

I don’t really care for the event rewards, nor for the new game mode,

so why should the challenges for the regular battle-pass that I paid for be pushed back in favor of Attrition related challenges?

That’s actually a good point. I was under the impression that you would opt into the events because they were referred to a “free mini-BPs” IIRC. So it would make sense if only then event challenges were added to your upcoming challenges or a secondary list of challenges separate from the BP challenges would appear.

Event challenges give you exp for your paid battle pass. Nothing is being impeded you just need to play the new gametype to get the progress you normally would every week.

Which is no different from challenges forcing you into CTF, SWAT, or Oddball so really nothing has changed from the previous weeks at all.


Wt f are you talking about? The XP earned for the event challenges progress you through the heroes of reach battle pass the same way the non event challenges do? They don’t hinder your progression at all

You have until May to finish the battlepass, are you really worried you won’t have enough time? :joy:

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Poor design choices. Personally, I think they should exist in their own category of challenges.

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With my schedule between work and school, it’s a bit of a toss-up honestly. I just wish it was also tweaked a little so you could get a little extra XP for winning matches by default instead of being granted XP for winning through specific challenges.

that can make it tough for sure. The good thing with the event is that there are more challenges for the week.

Whenever you can play for an hour; stack similar challenges and get them near completion (even better if your daily’s are unused) and pop a double XP. On event weeks I have pulled off 10 levels in 60-90 minutes. Most often it’s 5-8 and then maybe 10-15 levels total for that week if you have the hour for 5 days.