Cya later, Chief.

Just wondering if anyone else is packing up for a ride out of Halo-town for a while? I got Battlefield 1 sitting, just waiting in my Xbox, I’m not too happy two games basically make up a 1TB harddrive, but its cool, sometimes you roll that dice and lose.

I’ve really enjoyed the final offering of Halo 5, and that means a lot (ahem, because it just does) being a major critic throughout it’s life cycle. I really, sourly and hopefully, want to come back after I’ve had my thrill of blasting horses in 1. 343i has done a good job at fixing…something, more on that in a future update, but a Hunter’s arm and a few pistols isn’t filling my plate right now.

Cya later amigo…for like 3 months…maybe 4.

Wait what… 2 games make up 1 TB ? U sure bro ?

I have my Req Collection completed and am sitting at about 120,000 Req points and growing for the next update.
Sometimes ill play Destiny.

But if i were you i’d save for this next update. Oni and Hannibal Wasp, Anti-Air Wraith, IM PUMPED


No, maybe play less but never ditch it for BF1 or Modern Warfare Remastered.

I don’t ever see myself ever leaving Halo, especially over just storage space. I did need some space for Mafia 3 so I uninstalled GTA 5 and Forza 6. Also I am in even a worse spot as I only have a 500gig console and not the 1 terabyte.

Not leaving but have fun lol

I’ll likely be taking a short break on the 18th of November and a longer one when my company gets that bloody helmet. I’m already a bit burned out, it isn’t the game though…it’s just me.

been playing some GoW 4 recently but at the moment its got some of the same issues H5 had at launch (paid everything, only ONE competitive game type??? horde mode fairly repetitive). at this point it doesnt replace H5 with all the updates included. but its a good break for a little bit!

Have fun with your other games OP, should be some new updates waiting for you when you return to halo again :slight_smile: