Cutter and bunker drop

Wouldn’t this have made more sense to give cutter bunkers since he is an infantry kind of guy, his Cyclops could all be chillin and one of their lines could have been quick get to the bunka

Perhaps there are some synergies in teams then?

He already wins early hard enough anyways.

personally i would have liked to have seen a LOT of swap arounds between the leaders. bunker would have been amazing for cutter and would have been a great replacement for his elephants he lost.

if i could choose which leader got what power it’d be like this :

1 heal
1 deployable turret
1 airdropped unit
2 unit base or global passive
1 active offensive power
1 active defensive power
1 active movement power
2 strategy based powers/passives

so for cutter it’d be

a heal (having an odst medic unit would be cool. healing drones are fine.)
deployable turret (3 leaders have the basic turret. would be nice to see some turret upgrades on each leaders tier 2)
unsc raid
battle hardened
gunship support
lotus mine
pelican transport
odst drop
odst assault group

not necessarily in that order.

atriox would be

atrioxes bulwark
spike turret
spirit assault
counter measures
plasma mines
dying breath

im not going to put the rest down but you get the idea.