Cutscenes capped at 30fps?

I finally had time to sit down and play Halo Infinite. I’m at the second mission and then I noticed something with the cutscene. I’m playing the game in 4K at 60fps so everything within the game should run at 60fps, right? Well, the cutscenes don’t, especially how the characters mouth moves. It just so distracting and so disappointing because this game was given another year to get it right.


Fired up the campaign and noticed it in the opening scene. It looks like 30fps and it killed my buzz immediately. Not touching this game until it is patched.

From what I’ve seen, the cutscenes do in fact run at 60fps and above. It’s just that a good chunk of the animations, such as facial expressions, are capped at 30. It’s quite strange that such an issue exists in this game, but I sincerely hope the team gets it patched up in the near future. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it DOES somewhat dampen the impact of the cutscenes by a small margin for me.