Cutscene ideas

I’ve been playing through MCC recently and hearing about the addition of Halo Reach multiplayer, I decided to watch all the Reach cutscenes.

Now IMO, halo in general has scenes that lack something. Urgency. Time and time again, halo reach gave me two moments of urgency and tension.

The first moment for me was the Elite ambush. The music went perfect with how the events played out and I was engaged when it took a first person perspective. It gave me chills and made want to take that eliet out and push forward.

The second time was end game, again, the music fit perfectly. It gave me a feeling of impending doom, yet self sacrifice for the greater good. The last stand was by far the best ending IMO for any halo game.

I really hope Infinite can have something similar. Something more than the typical scenes we see.

You are spot on about the Elite ambush cutscene. That music hit at just the right time and was perfect for that scene.