Cut scenes

Has the potential of cut scenes been neglected in the Halo franchise? My favorite scene was in Wars with the fight between the Spartans and the Elites because, lets face it, it was the badasseist the Halo games have seen. Who knew they don’t really jump around like idiots and noob-combo?!

I was really excited when I saw the Elites in Reach ambush the Spartans at the start. I was like "“Wow! If this is just the first mission and the cut scenes are like this, the rest should be awesome!” but it never followed through. The Halo universe is filled with countless fights but we never get to see how cool they look. We all love a good fight scene, right?

In my opinion, cut scenes are the most important technique designers have in their arsenal for narrative. Reach has loads of characters, but we never really see their relationships. Don’t hate me for suggesting this but… more cut scenes that show off interaction on a personal level? Thats why I felt more for Romeo and Jorge then Emile or Carter.

What are your thoughts on cut scenes? Are they really that important? Would you be happy with just a Half Life/Left 4 Dead approach or more of a (I just say this as the other extreme) Metal Gear Solid 4 take on it? (if you could skip them) Have I just been indoctrinated by Halo Legends?

I think the reason is because by halo ce-3 mc is really old and tired.

> I think the reason is because by halo ce-3 mc is really old and tired.

The time he’s spent in the freezer plus his augmentations mean his age doesn’t mean much. Sgt. Johnson is well into his 80’s when he dies at the end of Halo 3, which means he was still in his 80’s at the beginning of Halo CE.

Cut scenes are there to advance the story by using the characters to move and talk in ways that is not possible with gameplay alone. They are a vital part of both the game and how the plot is developed; my personal favorite cutscenes are from Halo CE and Halo 3: ODST. It gave us time to connect with the characters especially in ODST, where your character (except the Rookie) actually talked for once, rather than just be a complete shell of nothing.

If cut scenes didn’t exist, MC wouldn’t be as memorable IMO. My take is this:

Keep them 1-4 minutes long. Don’t go overboard like MGS. I love MGS and I can deal with the cutscenes now cause I’m used to them but as long as the cutscene gives personality to the characters or advances the story, then I’m okay with any length or action scene that occurs within it.

MGS4 style! I love cutscenes and Halo needs more of them.