Cut Campaign Content PROVEN may come as DLC?


This video breaks down concept art, trailers, and explains what could have been. And what might be. Halo Infinite CAN redeem itself

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Halo Infinite is planning to have its story told over three parts now.

We have so far played through Part 1 - Infinite.
Part 2 - The Endless will be out within the next three years.

I am hoping that they do some mini-DLC campaigns here and there. OR that to lead up to The Endless Part, they need to update the map to let us explore the open map to the North-Eastern Islands and complete a few missions that lead directly into the start of the second part, that would be pretty neat.

Due to time constraints, we weren’t able to explore the NE Islands and thus lost a few FOBs. For example, there is no FOB Mike or India.

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I mean if they cut 2/3 of the content to sell us later, I would hope that we get the next major expansion during holiday season 2022. Beyond that, and this game will just die out. If they are going to drop an incomplete product on us, they really need to release campaign updates, at least small ones, every few months.


If they don’t release at least one campaign dlc per year they’ve failed as a games as a service model.

In comparison, Destiny releases story content 4 times a year.


Hence why we need mini-DLC campaigns starring other characters between the Chief chapters.

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Just because something is cut does not mean it’ll come later on, tons of stuff is just spitballing and doesn’t actually make sense in game.

Due to sheer amount and an obvious example of feature creep, I do think tons of the stuff that was cut will end up being sold to us later on via DLC. The real question is what kind of DLC they’ll do and size and so forth.

They said it was supposed to last 10 years, which tells me they’ll probably come out with DLC either annually or bi-annually.

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I don’t mind paying money for such expansions of story content.
What I do mind is the Fortnite Shop we received instead of REQ packs or something similar.

Are we so abused, so mistreated that we are willing to accept gambling?

REQ packs had moral implications too, they arguably exploited people with low impulse control.

Even EA moved on from lootboxes (which are REQ packs) because they were getting government agencies involved lol.

Let’s move forward as a franchise, not backwards.


To avoid reposting the same reply, see my other post here about new Campaign content and the Multiplayer Story DLC:

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I mainly cite REQ Packs because they never gave us duplicates for cosmetics unlike LITERALLY every other loot-box system, so as a result there is an upper-limit of how much you would spend to get all the armors in the game. PLUS you got a pack for leveling-up as well.

For example
Rainbow Six Siege is a game I have been playing since Year 2 (it is nearly into Year 7 for context).
You cannot buy Alpha Packs with actual money, only with Renown that you earn from playing the game.
You can also earn them from winning a match FOLLOWED by a spinning wheel that determines if you got one or not (which is absolute BS)
I have opened hundreds of packs and am currently Level 170-something.
And yet… I only have about 40% of the cosmetics in the game unlocked. THIS is mainly due to a BS system that gives you duplicates of items you already have and then says “oopsie, you already have this. Here is 1/6 of its value back as compensation for your unlucky roll.”

Compare that to Call of Duty’s packs where you get three items.
CoD WWII I played quite a bit of. And after unlocking maybe 5 packs, I started seeing duplicate items already.
And CoD packs were able to be bought with actual money.

Halo 5, though I hate the game for many reasons, did a few things right when it came to the multiplayer.
And with how the REQ system guaranteed that you got good loot for War Zone and some cosmetics, while NEVER giving you duplicates, it was a MUCH better system than every other lootbox system AND this crappy Fortnite-inspired Shop system.

In Halo 5 I am Level 66 if I recall.
And I have EVERY SINGLE ARMOR SET (save for Olive, Achilles, and the Pre-Order exclusive Hunter armor alt-skin).
Did I spend money on REQ packs?
Were most of them the Relief-&-Recovery Packs that were jam packed with cosmetics?
Do I need to buy more packs to get more cosmetics because the devs decided to stack the gambling against you with duplicate cosmetics outnumbering the actual unlocks?

I am just merely pointing out that REQs were better than the current system so I would prefer it.

Sus :roll_eyes:

Sunk Cost fallacy is what I’m suspecting here.

No they weren’t. Not only did they inadvertently ruin BTB (because Warzone which was the main system for REQ packs) but it was overall just very random so someone that spent a hundred dollars could get less than someone that spend 10 dollars.

Infinite’s system is transparent. You don’t think X is worth Y money? Don’t buy it. Nothing too fancy here.

I just find the push towards bringing back lootboxes to be cringe. I wouldn’t be surprised if their was a push for map packs again, but REQ packs? Why? Why would you advocate for a system that just shafts its audience?

I’m not even someone that hates on Halo 5, but you people have done lost your minds. I like how you bring up Fortnite because God forbid anything Fortnite must just be evil, clearly children gambling with their parents money is what Halo needs to survive :roll_eyes:

We might see additional activities and those North East islands turned into some kind of side story area. That cave seems like some kind of vision tunnel.

But full story expansion in the desert area. Not a chance this year. Given how good data miners have been we would know if they were putting that in.

At a guess for what the North East islands might relate to. Perhaps this is where we get introduced to Locke and do a mission together?

Halo Infinite doesn’t have War Zone nor have there been leaks of any plans to include it.
I would rather have a non-duplicate microtransaction system where I can unlock 3, 6, or 9 items by spending credits I earn in game OR by spending $10 for the 9 item pack.

I bring up Fortnite because Halo Infinite’s shop system is literally the same as Fortnite’s. Spend $20 for a recolor and a small cosmetic change.

Well if your ideal system is lootboxes then you have no reason to be disappointed by anything 343i does going forward. I’ll just leave it at that.

The company has to make money somehow.
So we either have to pay for a Fortnite Shop, DLC Packs out the wazoo, or microtransations.

From a business perspective, the microtransactions will provide a steadier stream of revenue rather than the slight bumps of revenue that DLC packs provide.

The Fortnite shop is a failure because most of the stuff that cycles through it is the same stuff from previous weeks, so as a result, there is less incentive to buy their currency packs in order to get items since you likely already have what they are offering.

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They cut the whole of Halo 6 and gave us infinite instead.

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