Anyone who is really going to join and play some custom games until matchmaking gets figured out, post GTs. Went into another topic on forums and put my GT out and even invited some people but nobody came!

EKO Willy

Invite! Lol ive posted on like 5 of these and never got a invite. Gt is… kremers123

Some ppl were saying last night there were issues with invites. If you invite me and i dont show, send me a party invite and lets figure out how to get a game going gt: kremers123

Give me a second…keeps freezing when I try to invite someone…I’ll invite you guys to a party first

Need more ppl?

Walkin Kamikaze
Really wanna just play some halo regardless of custom or MM. Add me/invite me!

kompany in hd inv me!

GT: Acroninja
Invite pleeeease

Bt: Merseyside

inv for customs pleaseee

Please use this thread. Thanks.