Customs skin update causing disconnects?

Around 12:45 am cst on July 31 I downloaded the update for Halo Wars 2. I have had the custom skin dlc for a week or so. But it prompted me for an update to it tonight. Now evertyime i load up the game it continually reconnects and disconnects from the Halo Wars 2 network while in the menus. My friend plays the game with me. He didnt buy the dlc and didn’t get the update. His seems to be not disconnecting and reconnecting. I’ve tried shutting my Xbox off and that didn’t fix it. I’m able to play rocket league online with no issues.

Btw I know Halo Wars 2 occasionally connects and disconnects from the network/server while in the menus. But this is different. This is repeatedly frequent. I’m having trouble connecting. My friend isn’t having this issue in the menus. Now he didn’t try actually playing a match online. It might would disconnect there.