Customs Night: April 10, 2015 (Community Customs)

Join us this Friday at 9pm Eastern for Custom Games in the Master Chief Collection!

You can sign-up by posting a reply to this topic with your gamertag included somewhere in the post and we’ll send you an invite on Friday.


  • Have your NAT set to OPEN or MODERATE (if possible.)- Keep your voice down.- Respect other players.- Share the Party Leader.- Bring a map, a friend, and a naked lady.Upcoming Map Contest
    We’re going to be holding a small contest in the upcoming weeks. We will be looking for player-created custom maps and minigames that we can run on Fridays. The maps will be voted on by players in a handy poll on the Community Customs website and the winning forger will receive some form of fabulous prize.

We’ll let you guys know more when we work out the details.

See you on Friday!