Customize Freely

Let us earn credits like XP please. I’m slowly getting bored/tired with Infinite. I thought we were going to earn credits like XP, but no it’s 1,000cr from a Battle Pass.:unamused: Tired of broken promises.

They only promised that you would earn Credits back if you purchased the Battle Pass AND completed that specific Battle Pass too. I highly doubt they will ever give us earnable Credits outside of a Battle Pass.

Maybe a voting system in Forge that lets you accumulate store discounts?
Create good content for Forge Infinite, get cheaper store items for the season you create it in?

Modders makes cooler content than 343 in my opinion. Plus 343 has to make sure that few bits of updates doesn’t break the entire game,I know modders takes time to make content but still. Give me a good reason why 343 would make Infinite FTP other than Profit. Give us our money back or make a content complete HALO 7.

I will still make my forums about an earnable credit system to get 343’s attention, share my forums with other players to gain a following.

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Yeah, but the problem is that doing so would upend the only effective monetization model they have. And while I myself do not care how empty the pockets of a developer financially backed by Microsoft could be as a result, I simply understand it to be ineffective business, which reduces the likelihood of it happening… unless they do it out of kindness or desperation.

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