「Customization」What is up with the colors in this game?

So first off let’s just start with the games most recent predecessor (Halo 5), the colors in said game were clean and did not have a wear and tear look by default; come to Halo 6 and now our armor colors are terrible. It is amazing how this is not a design choice but rather made to look like that on purpose because we already have armor with a perfect set of colors, just take a look at the HCS store armor colors.

So not only did 343i remove our ability to customize our spartan by putting so many blocks in the way unlike its previous titles, made us only be able to use preset colors rather than choose our own color choices like its previous titles, we now no matter what get worn out armor colors that look like some skimpy mechanic slapped on some paint and called it a day.

I really hope 343i abandons this terrible type of monteziation because it is profoundly hurtful to the house hold name of the Halo franchise.

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