Customization through Campaign is ABYSMAL

I have unlocked each MJOLNIR locker in the campaign and I am so incredibly disappointed with how the skins, the emblems, the trinkets, and the stances. There are too few, and they are purposefully uglier than paid products.
This is not what Halo customization is about and it makes me worried for the future of this series. I might have to quit after 20 years.


They aren’t the best, but a great alternative to the default options for those without the battle pass or without paid cosmetics.

Personally I’m rocking the Zeta Sky armour coating from the pre-order with the Clonely Bear chest plate and a visor from the battle pass.

I’m using some of the vehicle coatings, weapon coatings, stance and an emblem from campaign so it definitely holds some appeal for me although generally they are weak. I hope we get some updates with better unlocks in the future. There isn’t much for the non-payers and I think having some solid unlocks unlocked through grinding would be good.

It’s just as important to keep players playing as it is to get them spending in the shop. Having long term grinding goals is a great way to do that.

@Ken_CTF, have you played previous 1st-person Halo games?

It’s just as important to keep players playing as it is to get them spending in the shop. Having long term grinding goals is a great way to do that.

Are you a bot hired to show support for gross misuse of microtransactions?


Yeah I’ve played every mainline Halo game and dabbled briefly with the side games. Read a bunch of the books. Watched the series and movies.

I love Halo. Just don’t see any of this as much of a big deal as other people seem to. That’s just my opinion.

I’m a big supporter of microtransactions in any game, cosmetic only of course.

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Okay so despite knowing the past customization options available for free day 1 in previous 1st-person Halo games, you’re okay with having $20 armor customizations immediately?

I’m a big supporter of microtransactions in any game, cosmetic only of course.

I’m a fan of micro transactions, i.e. Call of Duty: Ghosts transactions that didn’t cost a $20 expansion pack back in the day, but instead you could get a unique, interesting, and cool skin for a character for $2 MAX and several microtransactions that were $1 or less! It is absurd to corner skins out of the opening game to create an artificial scarcity of customization to further lead people to pay a grossly over-costed amount of money for a skin.

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I’m mostly okay with how it’s done now. Yes they can add some freebie armors for the holdouts, but the BP system as it is doesn’t bother me, its literally dirt cheap. Yes the BP absolutely needs MORE cosmetics rather than Boosts and Swaps, and yes the store prices need to be lowered a bit.

Would’ve been nice to unlock a set of armor via campaign but I really do like the skins available through the Campaign

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This isn’t really what campaign is about either buddy lol

Ghosts sucked anyways

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Yes I’m fine with it. I don’t care what previous Halo games did.

I bought Halo 3 for $50, I bought all the map packs which would have been like $30, then I bought ODST for like $40. So all in all to get all the content I paid like $120.

For Reach I bought the game for $50, the map packs for $20 and Halo Anniversary for the other maps for $40 so spent $110.

If I buy everything I want in Halo Infinite it will not be even close to $100. If I buy 10 battle passes I will have more customisation than in Halo 3 and Halo Reach easily.

I also thought most of the customisation sucked in the older games so the fact I can pay exactly for what I want is fine with me. I don’t need 14 ugly helmets and 2 I actually like. I’d rather just pay for the 2 I actually like and get a free game. I don’t care if I end up spending way more money if I get what I want, when I want and the game has better support for it. It was annoying barely ever getting to play maps I paid for in playlists that didn’t force you to own them.

the campaign unlocks are very underwhelming… the skins for weapons and vehicles are fine. charm, nameplate, and stance, fine. but the coatings… i mean, they’re fine. infact i do like them. but good, dear sweet spark, could there be any more?! like even with the coatings… they’re kinda worse than what one would get in the old halo games.
like, think back to h3. you’d get armor, worthwhile and cool customization for: playing the game on the hardest difficulty, and doing specific achievments in the campaign. ya know… simple stuff that felt good to do
or with halo Reach and old waypoint. you’d complete simple achievments in both Reach and ODST for armor customization in Reach. not much, but they were good enough to suffise. but they were one way, making them unique, and you knew what the player did to get them. it felt like ‘oh, good job with that’ like the Recon helmet of h3

in infinite… aside from the meh colors for the weapons and vehicles. all you get for your spartan is coatings. they’re again, fine… but that’s it?! just colors and paterns?! just goes to show how coatings are so terrible for halo infinite. also, unlike customization of old, they’re going to be entirely not unique.
i mean… think about it. you can only have them on the mk7, that’s it. meaning if you want them on the other cores, in the future, 343 will most likely, mark my words, re-sell the same campaign coatings, but individually for the other cores… yay… no armor or anything unique? almost makes them not worth to get

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Providing battlepass customization is one thing, but artificially providing a scarcity of customization to incentivize spending is a high-key corporate-greed move. When we look at past Halos and Infinite? It’s a stark contrast.

And this is saying nothing about the fact that 343 Industries straight up lied in one of their videos about how customization would work and how much we would have.
[Let’s watch 343 industries “lie” about armor customization in Halo Infinite #shorts - YouTube](https:// www youtube com/watch?v=i2K1oz0r4eY)

What are you trying to say?
Sure, Halo campaign is not about customization. Thank you captain. But customization is included through work done in campaign, same as previous games, especially Halo 3 and Reach. So what point did you mean to make here, and why are you against me in the first place?


That if you’re approaching the single player experience to unlock some dress up components for your Spartan, you missed other aspects of the single player experience that could’ve been enjoyable.

You’re making this about you big guy, I’m just here to debate your points.

I have nothing against anyone unless they make it personal. So don’t make it personal :wink: