Customization Suggestions


First I’d like to state what I dislike and propose solutions to help “resolve” the matter.

  1. I strongly dislike CORE’s and how they lock specific items to certain CORE’s. This takes away player choice and restricts me purely cosmetically.
  2. Color customizations are terrible and this kind of stimulates from this poor “CORE” design.

I am assuming the CORE could originate from Monetization purposes, so here’s a possible solution to this.

Remove “CORE’s” from the game and just design every outfit with the basics (ex: Helm, Visor, Shoulders, Chest, Legs, Boots, Gloves, Waist…Special effects such as flame helm, boots).

What this achieves… We’re no longer “locked or bound” to this “CORE” and allows players to mix and match full customization to their intent.

How will 343 monetize this business model?

  1. They can sell the full set in the store roughly $15 ( as a bundle). OR they can sell each individual pieces such as just the helm for $2.99… each individual piece would cost more as I am not buying the full bundle.
  2. Also along with that; They can sell maybe 16 Colors (Or how many ever they choose up to 256 possibly) for $.99 each or they can sell a full bundle of colors for that (specific armor piece or armor set) For a fixed amount such as $15 dollars or $50 depending on how many colors they implement. *The color purchased is specific to one armor set or piece of armor though, not every piece/set that you have or unlocked in the future.

What this accomplishes:
This gives players full customization options over their Spartan… And it allows 343 to keep a healthy Monetization business model now and moving into the future.


  1. I am extremely against and dislike this “Get double XP Token / Challenge Swap Token”…
    Reason? It is not rewarding not fun to finally get 1000 XP to level up just to level up faster, or to change a “Challenge” to level up faster, lol saying it sounds silly.

Solution? This goes back to customization… Getting rid of Cores and allowing full customization over Spartans allows 343 to replace those “Tokens” with individual with Set Pieces such as just the helm, or the boots, etc… instead of 1 “CORE”.

This will make the battle pass more engaging/exciting for users when finally achieving that level.

Weekly Rewards: I also disagree with having to do all these silly things to earn cosmetics… It feels like a “Guinea Pig” running on a wheel. Its not fun having to play 70 matches of Fiesta to earn a cosmetic I may potentially want.

Solution: Just create a separate XP “Weekly XP Bar” so you gain XP progression towards the weekly reward for just playing the game.
Me putting in 40 hours a week and not being able to earn the Weekly Reward because I do not want to play the Fiesta game mode is not cool. This solution will give the “rank grinders” something to look forward towards weekly without harming the way they want to play the game.

Armor Hall UI:
To be honest, I hate going to customize my Spartan because of how unfriendly the UI in the menu looks… One of my teachers once told me “Keep it simple, stupid”… Also if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

Instead of having separate “CORE’s” (I recommend removing CORES entirely)… Just show my Spartan, there himself… And allow me to choose Helm, shoulders, visor, etc… And add / remove pieces as I choose and add the colors I choose…
*If you want set pieces (Such as the Pro Team skins) to only be for that set, you can add a separate section in there for SETS so you can only equip that pieces/colors as that set…

I want this game to be as great as possible and benefit us the community and the developers and I think these are amazing suggestions with little to no problem for us and the dev’s.

Please let me know what you think!

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I really do support this idea for the player base. I feel there is a better way to introduce double xp tokens. The weekly seems rough too getting killing spread in the event gameplay for the ultimate weekly is really lame if I don’t like the event.

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Also to add

Regarding the “BattlePass Tokens” such as the double XP or Challenge swap…
You can also replace them for in game currency like 50 a level…

This will motivate players to buy more stuff from the store