Customization progression/ rewards MTX

Hey everyone, going to keep the criticism in a respectful manner.

SKIP DOWN FOR BULLET POINTS, but… the way MTX affect armor customization is draining. An argument people have countered me with is " just play the game to have fun" … well yeah, thats true. But gaming has changed since 2001, playing the game is half of the fun, the “grind/ collection” is the other half.

For a lot of Halo players right now, the modes they like to play (these are established, should be there day 1 modes like infection, forge, griffball, firefight, and the slue of other modes) are absent from the game… so for a lot of players the core half of halo that they enjoy isnt there and so they only have the other half… the grind.

after non-stop playing the 1st season and being a Halo CE day 1er, I now only play if an event is going on to maximize the rewards to playtime ratio. (I’d preferablyplay BTB w/ what’s in the game, but the challenge system forces you to play modes you don’t enjoy )

I also fully understand with a F2P model that there needs to be a store… but at what cost? prices a generally way to much. And while I whine about it, know I have probably spent a solid $300-400 on the game. but I am getting worn out. Generally the free event content sucks except 2 rewards, the battle pass fluffed and again gives rewards “in my opinion” far less cool might I add we pay for the battle pass. Overall there is just a lot of fluff, then gate’d by fomo because if you dont buy it that season the two times its offered, gone forever.

There is no ranking system besides the pass (yes I know its coming)

So both defining reasons I’d want to get on Halo and play just arn’t there because A: its just not in the game when it should be, or B: everything in the game is designed to make you need to spend money BEYOND REASON

So… some things I’d change

  • Emblems need to be customizable again, with more patterns earnable or purchasable

  • Emblems need to be player placed on their Spartans anywhere, currently on almost any armor are useless.

  • At the very least, helm, shoulders, and chest need to be free unlockable for every armor with the ability to earn credits and buy other armor pieces or attachments w/ those credits or real money. you could have specialty challenges like get X amount of airborne kills while wearing a full set of ODST to unlock the helljumper pattern and attachments.

  • Coatings for at least armor, needs to be canned and replaced with a robust coloring system with the ability to add materials, damage, dirt/wear and tare, or patterns that are freely unlockable or purchasable

  • All weapons and Vehicles should have challenges for coating that are tied to the commendation system so you’re always earning overtime.

  • Full cross core customization (yes I know is in the works)

  • Re-Evaluate prices and add more ways to earn credits… likewise make better content and more people will feel better about buying it rather than suspiciously similar shoulder pieces. I personally think a system where all armors besides challenge-based ones or Battle Pass rewards are unlocked via credits like Reach and you earn credits every match and you can just buy them outright. if this was the case I would be more okay with “fluff content” even though I still don’t see the need for it.

  • Commendation system for long term progression and unlockable. This game needs an alpha reward that promotes people to wanna no-life it and show off like when someone used to roll in with recon in H3 or Damascus in COD (I know i sinned mentioning its name)

  • Daily and Weekly rewards like MCC but that accumulate all season so if you miss out a week or two all of those challenges are still there and you can really get after it and maximize your play time.

  • Armor kits need to unlock all unique pieces for individual customization or could transform into the system where instead these are the cool armor pieces unlocked for the armor set specialty challenge

  • PvE challenges when that content comes out.

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1/Colour should never have been locked behind a paywall in any part of infinite

Reverting this mistake would force 343i to focus on:

armour permutations (including finish: chrome, carbon fibre, etc)

Emblem permutations,

Animations (eg slide, jump, kill effects, AI appearance and voice)

It would also have the added benefit of improving the content available since that new armour can now be bright yellow, for example. Store could sell a chrome effect, or princess flower overlays, etc.

Price of the store is fine - the quality of the content is not.

I have played this game for days. What has that experience unlocked me?

The answer is nothing, not even a loot box.
This is a problem.

And before people complain about loot boxes…it’s a valid way to unlock cosmetics in a F2P game that just works as long as it is not pay to win

I know progression system is coming but now I rly hope that commendations are been worked on too, any kind of rewards that you can earn just playing the game. I want to show off some stuff on my spartan, completing hard challenges that could take mounths to unlock.

There could be specific weapon challenges like, you need to get 1000 kills with BR to get this kind of coating to that gun and next get 10 000 kills and so on, or get 50 double kills with sidekick to get a weapon attachment to it, list is infinite for the possibilities.

Campaign commendations need to come back too, it rly was a bummer when I heard you don’t get anything when you complete campaign. Once you collect all the skulls you get helmet armor effect, LASO completion could give you haunted helmet.

Campaign challenges would work towards your spartan career (whenever it comes to the game) and your battle pass too. Challenges would be Kill Hunters, kill Brutes etc. just something so people could get back to campaign once more.

I know I said same things as VidMasterMoa, he/she said things better than I, but I just wanted to express myself.

This argument is pure garbage, and anyone making it doesnt have an inkling of an idea of what it means to have alternative incentives to playing a game. Just like that are alternate incentives to do anything, such as working out. I can either do it because A.) I enjoy how it feels, B.) It’s healthy for me, or C.) It makes me look physically fit. I can work out for 1, 2, or even all 3 of these reasons above.

Similarly, I can play Halo because A.) I enjoy the game, B.) It’s a way to kill time, or C.) I want to earn rewards for playing. You can play Halo for 1, 2, or even all 3 of the reasons above. But as soon as 1 of those reasons is taken away, now there’s suddenly one less reason to play the game. So if A.) and B.) just simply arent cutting it for me anymore, there’s no C.) to fall back on and I’m just gonna turn the game off instead.

Do you see what I’m saying here? By paywalling a layer of their game, 343 is de-incentivizing people from playing. Playing a game explicitly for cosmetics is a legitimate reason to play a game. It is a legitimate way to enjoy a game.

I despise this argument so much, because it just exposes how narrow minded the person making it is. Like they’re effectively saying, “The current business model of the video game industry is perfectly acceptable, just shut up and accept the sub par product youve been given and stop asking for a user friendly game.”