Customization Part 2!

Well since you guys gave me some great feedback in my first post I thought I should reflect on your thoughts and take in some of the positive and negative feedback you guys gave me.

INVASION: Most of you seemed to agree and add onto my idea of Invasion. I should probably mention I would have it be similar to Firefight Versus instead of just a Muliplayer objective gametype. Their would be no AI’s running around to make it lag. Invasion should feel Like it’s name. Like your defending an area or an objective from your alien enemy. But from Invasion leads to a War which is why the other Covenant races need to be included along with other types of soldiers from the UNSC. I need to be balanced. And honestly, Who hasn’t wanted to be a Hunter or Skirmisher since they first saw them? If you guys have more thoughts Please tell me.

FIREFIGHT: This one gave me a bit of heat, I was asked why spend so much effort from 343 to make character models? Well I guess I was being selfish and really wanted to feel like the characters I’d grown to know and love like Gears does in Horde Mode. I thought that depending on the characters you would choose you could get their signature weapons. If you were Dutch from ODST you’d get a Spartan Laser and an SMG or Pistol. If you were Captain Keyes you’d get the old Halo 1 Pistol ;). If you were Jorge from Reach you’d get his big -Yoink- turret. And If you were one of the RvB characters you’d get the sword for being Tucker and the Shotgun if you were Sarge. But again those are just their starting weapons.I’m not saying they wouldn’t be able to pick up weapon drops. Also I was asked why is this important. Well it isn’t. I just thought it would be a fun addition. If you really want to improve Firefight, ditch custom Firefight and the credit system so Firefight wouldn’t be for just farming credits. Other improvements need to be made, but I canonly type so much. So let me know what you think!