Customization outside of battle pass

Hey, just wanted to provide feedback with regards to earning customization items.

Besides the freebies, there is nothing for me to work towards unless I pay money. I looked through the battle pass freebies, they aren’t worth the effort.

Please implement ways to earn items outside of the battle pass. We could unlock stuff through gameplay like feats, achievements, maybe having several prerequisites to meet for certain epic or legendary items like reach x rank, kill x Spartans and x vehicles. Just allow us to earn them through gameplay in general.

This very well may come when you release the campaign. I hope it does and that everything won’t be tied to battle passes.

Don’t make everyone pay 10 bucks to customize their spartan. I know there are some free items in the battle pass but let’s be honest, they’re pretty standard and far from ideal. I went through most of my halo 5 time using armors i didnt like because I wasn’t lucky to unlock the ones I wanted. Don’t lock all or most armors behind pay walls please, it sucked not using the armor I wanted and I don’t want that again. Thank you.

And when i finally did get an armor i liked in halo 5, it was from a free pack that had mark 4 armor. I never unlocked emiles, jorges or bucks armor like I really wanted.