Customization options ( for the love of all that is precious )

I’d rather have my own emblems (like in previous games) and be able to choose my own colors, than continue with what we’re currently being offered here, it’s an absolute joke. Halo has for a long time been all about customizing your own spartan. Reach’s had the best approach with Halo 4 being very good too, only less demanding.

I’d also like to point out that it would be great to be able to have more than one attachment, especially when the slots aren’t occupied, and please tone down on the whole money approach, at this point i’d rather throw 70 bucks at your game to get it all through progression than continue with this f2p format. There is no joy in unlocking that one piece of armor you wanted anymore. it’s all from money wasting now.

Where is Firefight ? Where is the innovative co-op multiplayer ? where is the fun ?
I remember having so much fun with Halo 4, i mean, there were SPECS, that was cool ! where is that !? you got the cool MARK VI armor for completing the campaign on legendary. you had spartan ops which were so sick.

Don’t get me wrong, the movement is very cool in this one it was good in halo 5 too. but that’s about all the multiplayer game has to offer so far. All the rest is pretty much recycled, but you gotta pay for it instead of earning it.


Just make sure you stay true and speak with your wallet and play time.

Do not buy a single thing including the battle pass Reducing your play time also helps, but the wallet is the biggest thing you have at your disposal.

(in golem’s voice) nooooo not the precious, but seriously this game makes H5’s progression and customization look night and day different; how did we go from what 250+ armors and helmets to less than 75, and 60 colors to around 12 (or less because of the pay walling)