Customization on Windows 10

So i need help with customizing my Halo Spartan on Halo 5 Forge, All my Skins, Helmets and Visor colors are locked. I heard you need REQ points but idk how to get them on the PC version. It looks completely different from the one on pc. Please help i want to change my Assassination. I dont have a Xbone BTW. Thanks in advance!

Hey OP. the majority of REQs can only be earned by playing Halo 5 on the Xbox One console.
You can purchase REQ packs from and redeem them here on Waypoint - either regular packs or get the Arena Bundle which is for cosmetic items. There are Daily Login packs you can get and redeem - basically just for loading up the game or logging into Halo Waypoint. Some REQ packs can be redeemed by codes when watching HCS finals. If you subscribe to Lootcrate or buy some Halo items, you can get REQ codes in some of them.

To elaborate on the above, the PC version of Halo wasn’t designed with REQs in mind though, it’s really meant as a tool for forgers to build and test maps. It’s unlikely that this will change any time soon. Customisation is really meant for the full game :slight_smile:

Ok Thank you, i dont really like Xbox no offense i respect what they are doing, just i dont want to pay for another system. but thank you so much!