Customization Issue with Cores and Shaders

The idea of an armor core is fine. Part of me really likes the idea of it. All of the new armor options look great.

With that said, I find it kind of disappointing that I can’t mix and match from other cores. I’d love to use my visor colors and armor pieces from Noble Team’s armor cores, onto the Mk. VII armor. Same with shaders:
I’ve purchased a shader pack as well as an armor pack. I’d like for those to go towards more than one core.
At least the Shaders. C’mon.

To touch on Shaders a bit more: Can we maybe “rotate” the color scheme at some point? I notice that there are multiple colors on the individual Shaders. Can those open up to be customizable; choose which armor pieces get whatever color I’d like them to have within the Shader I choose?

With so many options having been leaked or advertised in terms of player customization, I hate the idea of not being able to fully customize my Spartan.