Customization is the absolute worst in halo infinite

I was excited with my first impression of customization. After buying the battle pass like an idiot, I quickly realized customization is terrible. From garbage skins, to armor cores locking certain armors. I bought the best battlepass and am lvl 35 currently. Halo 5 had a weak customization but I could at least unlock everything for free. And choose my colors. The gameplay is great, but making skins for faze clan and esports losers. Instead of keeping an authentic lore based armor system. Ruins the idea of my own spartan. I can see the Halo crossover events the non cannon armors and garbage streamer skins. This ultimately will make me lose interest in this game. I just can’t believe they finally gave us a customization we want. But hid it behind a paywall and ugly skins. 343 you guys truly are the absolute biggest joke of a game dev.