Customization In Halo Infinite

So, to start off, I have a few basic ideas for how Halo Infinite’s Spartan Customization could work, as well as a demonstration photo (4096 x 2160 px) that I made in Photoshop (which I’m pretty proud with how it came out). I’ll post a link to my image at the end of my explanation.

First of all, from the sounds of it, news about Halo Infinite’s customization being similar to Reach has been spreading like Flood Spores in High Charity. Because of this, I took a lot of inspiration from Halo Reach’s customization system, along with a few elements of Halo 3’s and a few elements that I thought suited the new feel of Halo Infinite. The photo I made is only the spartan colour changing screen, but I will also talk a bit about the other parts of the customization hub. Mainly, the hub is visually similar to Reach, but since the new theme that 343 is going for is more bright and natural, I went with lighter visuals. I also put the Halo Installation in the background to add a bit of life to the hub.

On to how I feel the whole customization thing could pan out. I was thinking that you could, like in Halo Reach, have the colours, emblem selection, and actual armour separate from one another. The armoury being reserved for choosing armour/attachments/visor colours (preferably more options than in Reach. Maybe more similar to Halo 4’s visors). As for the colours, I’ll skip over the stuff that is not the same as Reach. The “Armor Detail”, making a reappearance from Halo 3, could be a way of expanding your more personal and unique spartan with a few preset designs available in the “Armor” section. Since it seems inevitable that 343 may add microtransactions, this could be a way of not going too overboard, but still being a thing. They could have a few basic designs, a few unlockable designs from achievements, and a few dlc designs. As for the “Spartan ID”, I thought that since Master Chief is sporting some new classic-style armour with a whopping 117 across his chest, You could have the OPTION of having such on your custom spartan. Within the same section as “Service Tag”, you can input 3 Numbers (sort of like Halo 3) and have the option of toggling it. while in the colour menu, you could swap between maybe, steel, silver, and white, in order to contrast it against your armour so it stands out. The regular “Service Tag” could still act as a clan tag and such, but I thought this was a better alternative to players having stuff like “happy”, “-Yoink-”, “REKT”, “N00B”, etc across their chest.

I just used my Gamertag, Halo Reach Emblem, Service Tag, etc as an example. The armour is just Chief’s armour from the Discover Hope trailer edited by myself in parts, and I decided to go with a design that somewhat replicates Jerome’s green and red armour design, but with my go-to steel and cyan, as well as a cyan visor. Instead of credits, i decided to just go with SP (Spartan Points), because why not, right? I chose 2 random interesting sounding words that sound like Halo ranks, as the 2 visible ranks on screen, “Harbinger” and “Foretoken”. You may notice that the dash between “Menu” and “The Armory” is the symbol from the Halo Logo, just a little interesting design choice. As for the colour choices, they are very similar to Reach, but some with more contrast/saturation and with a brief gradient effect on each.

Image Link: Halo-Infinite-Customization-Hub — ImgBB

Thanks for reading, Spartans, I’d like to hear what you think of my design and ideas, see you all on the battlefield.

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I think is it really good idea

I like it, simple and easy to navigate.

I like it. The look is good, the concept is tried and true, and overall it would be a nice change. One thing not on your mock up but that I would like to see, please don’t give rarity to emblems 343! It doesn’t make sense, just let people use whatever emblem they want. I have a “common” emblem in Halo 5 but I don’t want to change it because I’ve used the same emblem since Halo 3. Then I get a legendary emblem, and in my mind I’m like, I should use the things that are more “rare” but this is my emblem, why does it have to be common? What makes it common? it’s just an odd mental process.

I like it, I think it’s a solid idea. I really do hope we get very deep customization options and I hope that those options, particularly color, come through even in team games. I like how Halo 2 did it were certain parts of your armor would take on the primary armor color you had selected in team games. Something like that would be cool.

Thanks guys. Im glad to see the positive feedback so far. Those of you who went deeper into what you’d like to see make good points. Most of which i personally agree with.

Id also like to note that in the “Service Tag” section of my post, 343 sensored the first 2 options for what the Spartan ID #'s could replace. Where it says “happy” and “yoink” it was supposed to say “F 4 G” and “G 4 Y”. Just wanted to clarify.

<p>positive infinity, i like it</p> it would be awesome

I love this idea