Customization in Halo 4

We all know the big thing in fps nowadays is customization. Halo has slowly adopted more and more of this with the armor. I personally do not think it is very exciting to get new armor since you can not even see it in game considering its 1st person, and the fact that it gives you no advantage in the match. So how should they incorporate customization to make it exciting?

The point of this is to figure out ways to keep the inevitable Halo customization on par with other games. I do not care if you personally do not give a -Yoink- about customization. So do not come on here and say “Halo does not have to be like other games” or “Halo doesn’t need customization to stay relevant, it does not make or break anything”
My point is no matter what we say, they will have some sort of customization in the game. The question is how should they do this (weapon customization, armor abilities that actually depend on types of armor)

Just a suggestion, but they could let you choose the color/colour of the Assault Rifle when you spawn

I enjoy customization. Color and Emblem customization was something I loved messing with in the first two, I loved armor customization in 3, ODST, and Reach. For me, the more the better! As for weapon customization, I like the idea as well, it was fun to see the emblem in Black Ops, and I really enjoy the weapon skins in Gears of War 3. I don’t think it is necessary for Halo to stay relevant, but I welcome it openly!

I support all customization. I just want the armor / emblem / etc. to be unlocked by achievements/ campaign accomplishments. Kind of like how finding all the skulls in H3 gave us Hayabusa.

Nope. Would mess with the balance of gameplay and keeping Halo multiplayer at it’s core… which 343i is trying to keep. Also Armor Abilities will not be relevant in Halo 4. They are out-dated.

I would like to see more options for color changes outside of primary and secondary, weapon customization (skins/emblems). I wouldn’t say I would “want” more armor options, but I wouldn’t shy against it, especially when it comes to visor color, wrist accessories. One thing I would really like to alter is the reticle (sp?) color. I get frustrated when the light blue blends in with the sky as someone jumps.

Weapon skins would be a nice addition.


It would be cool for the customization options to be in the mp side of it that way we all have our own spartans.Plus it would be cool if we could customize the weapons in mp maybe add a emblem on our guns like in black ops.Otherwise i am starting to get hyped for this game now if they would remake halo2 in hd or do like they did in halo combat evolved anniversary.

  • Default weapon to carry during the profile pic for your spartan in the lobby
  • What your hud looks like (from first person)

somewhat proper map editor and an emblem creator like the one I think was in black ops or MW2 or something, because that thing was actually pretty beast.

> Just a suggestion, but they could let you choose the color/colour of the Assault Rifle when you spawn

yes i love it!

I dont see how the weapon customization would work though. I mean, isn’t Halo the game where you have to find the weapons around the map? If you were to customize say the BR(if it returns), and you would have to find it on the map, when you pick it up, would the custom choices on the BR only be visible to you and not to other players? They would probably just see the default skin of the weapon on the map but once they pick it up, they will see all their custom add ons they’ve made on it.

In that case I guess it could work. I am open for new ideas :smiley:

keeping all reach content like loadouts, AAs, bloom etc would give more custom gametype advantages

I suspect that customization will be as good as or better than we have seen in Reach. Also, I think it would be very cool if there were a variety of different nameplates for certain things accomplished within the game, much like commendations.

I believe weapon skins should NEVER be in a Halo game. I just think they don’t fit. Armor pieces however, need to come back in large quantities. Please make them unlocked by achievements though.

As long as it doesn’t afflict the weapons performance, I’m up for it!

Here’s to hoping for a varied and interesting Customization System, which actually uses Prerequisites further than “Be this Rank”…

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Credits return, maybe not strictly for Rank, but definitely for Purchasing Armour, but this time, instead of everything being Unlocked through:

-Play the game a lot(Don’t get me wrong, I have every intention of playing Halo 4 alot)

Let’s have some Prerequisites that are actually decent and rewarding, you know, crap like:

-Complete the Campaign
-Complete the Campaign on Legendary
-Complete the Campaign in Four-Player Co-op
-Complete an entire Match of Firefight without dieing(maybe not this, but hey, just fleshing this thing out)
-Complete so many Matches of Firefight
-Find all Skulls in the Campaign(assuming there are any, though it’s pretty likely)
-Find all Terminals in the Campaign(again, not too much of a stretch)
-Find all Campaign Collectables
-Accumulate so many -insert crap here- in -insert Game Mode-

And ofcourse, the inevitable implementation of the Waypoint Milestone Reward System…

Oh, P.S., if we’re going to have Multiplayer Achievements in Halo 4, please oh please make them Accumulative Achievements instead of:

-Map Specific
-Game Mode Specific
-Glitched(Looking at you there Mr. Don’t Touch That)

Make them fun things or just things you’ll always be doing but have to do a lot of, so basically:

-Win so many Matches
-Win a Match on every Map
-Get so many Assassinations(assuming they remain)

But please oh please don’t make them power weapon specific, there be enough betraying in these parts for the Sniper as it is…

A lot of good ideas on here, I definitely like the reticle idea. Its the little things in these games that matter and make it feel more personal to the player. More emblem customization would be a good idea also.

If they ARE going to have any sort of armor abilities or advantages I think they should be smaller like if you have the gps on your wrist, your radar reads a little further than the person with something else on their wrist. If you have the shotgun shells on your wrist (I cant remember what it’s called, breacher?) you are able to hold a few more bullets in your gun.

Another idea would be for assassinations, maybe if you perform one it could go into 3rd person so you could see your spartan take the knife out of wherever it is in his armor and then go back to first person to see yourself first hand performing it. Just an idea, may not work well.

They should add a custom color slot and use an RGB color wheel for that. They can do that for the visor color too, but make it unlockable.

Other than that, they can just add on to what Reach offered with the armor customization. As for the weapon customization, I say this is an area where 343 can show off its creativity. We’ve all seen customized modern and historic weapons. A customized Battle Rifle or, if possible, a Covenant Carbine would leave me mind -Yoinked!-.