⌈Customization Idea⌋ Tools of Destruction

I’ve mentioned this before in another topic of mine, (can be found HERE) that had to do with my thoughts on Halo 4 so far, and the new customization idea that I’m going to go over a bit more in detail.

**~ End-Game Stats ~**
So, we all know that right after a game that has been completed, all players are sent to their End-Game Stats, or Scoreboard (showing kills, deaths, assists, tools of destruction, K/D, betrayals, etc...). In past Halo games, players were able to see their character model in some corner or side, holding a DMR (Reach); everyone having the same weapon wielded. Well, I thought of a neat idea to make players see their model in a new way.
*Here's my idea:*
At the end of the game, you are sent to your scoreboard. In previous Halo titles, you would see which weapon you did the best during that match (a.k.a. Tools of Destruction), and see how many kills you got with it and etc... BUT, instead of seeing your model holding the default weapon for End-Game Stats, your model will be holding your Tool of Destruction from that match. Like in Reach with its character animation when you rank up, each model should have their own unique animation depending on your Tool of Destruction instead. So for say, you had the Sniper Rifle as your Tool of Destruction, then while at the screen of ranking up, your character will be carrying the Sniper Rifle, have it's own unique animation and a different posture from holding that different weapon.

**~ Customization ~**
You know in Reach, you could select any player's tab to check their armor unlocks, completion, and etc... along with their character model holding a DMR by default? Well, very similar to the "End-Game Stats" topic above, why not have players have the opportunity to purchase weapons for their character model for all to see? This not only gives more customization to the players, but it also allows them to view as the character they choose to be.
While accumulating Spartan Points, players are able to visit the armory (shop) to purchase a customizable weapon for their model to wield, instead of the default weapon that everyone has by force (DMR in Reach). If you want your character to wield a Rocket Launcher on its shoulders, looking like a "Beast", then you can spend the required amount of Spartan Points to obtain that item. Once equipped, everyone who looks over your player tab can not only see your armor combination, emblems, colors, and completion, but also the weapon you purchased. Having these weapons as a customizable option can also be a great way to say that "This is who I am". This can also mean that if you are a good Sniper, and you have a Sniper equipped on your character model, then players could know that you are good with the sniper or what your favorite weapon is. It just brings out the "Me" into players.

Well, what do you think? Do you think this should be implemented in the game? Because I sure want this feature in the game (at the least).
Tell me what you think in the Comments below!

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They both sound like excellent ideas.

I especially like the second one. It really would make my Spartan feel even more personalized.

> http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/154/912/berneydidnotread.gif?1318992465

LOL, Move like Berney!

> http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/154/912/berneydidnotread.gif?1318992465

I feel like I know that guy

You’re not the first one to propose this idea. I’ve heard it at least about ten times since the announcement of Halo 4. Regardless, I have always thought it’d be a nice idea and really make your Spartan more presonalized when it holds your favorite weapon.

> Tell me what you think in the Comments below!

Thank you for clarifying this. I was worried I couldn’t reply!

It’s an interesting idea.

I wonder how many ideas the community can come up with, without trying to forge the game into their favor, of course?

What if my tool of destruction is “?”…?

I have seen this idea kicked around since Reach came out and have always been in support of it.

> What if my tool of destruction is “?”…?

Then your Spartan wields a great big question mark obviously.

> What if my tool of destruction is “?”…?

your character either gets hookswords or he gets attacked by the mystery weapon.

I like both ideas, I always thought it would be great ideas to implement

That would be really cool. Instead of wielding the basic AR/DMR, I could be carrying the needle rifle or sniper rifle.

I hope 343i could implement this is Halo 5 if it doesn’t show in Halo 4.

i think this is a great idea but you should just be able to choose which gun because ill probably get the most kills with my br each game but i like the shotgun magnum etc better and think it would look cooler
or the way you hold your tool of destruction (TOD) makes your guy look goofy like the dmr in reach
looked like you were trying to flex while holding the gun