Customization Enhanced

Customization Enhanced

I think the current customization of your Spartan is really restrictive. For example lets say you want a specific Armor Coating for Mark VII armor. These currently get locked behind a certain Armor Core like the Coating at level 89. This is locked for Mark V body only. So if you want to get a specific color combination, then you can only hope that this gets added to the game once the current pass is over after half a year (158 days from now). Or it randomly getting added to the game. This way of restricting customization is a real shame.

And for fresh players, having access to just a few base colors is really lacking. Having the ability to change a secondary color would be very much welcome. But I’ll get straight to things I would want to be improved.

Armor customization changes

To make the game’s customization more intriguing, let us use any armor piece from any armor core and mix and mash these together. And more freely select the color.

This means instead of a selecting a core, you would select a body armor, where you could then attach the acquired armor pieces from battle passes to the arms, legs and helmet.

So what I would want is being able to:

  • Select different armor pieces from any armor core to any armor body.

  • Swap textures / materials of the armor piece. (These may be restricted to certain parts of the piece)

  • Swap colors for each armor piece (Certain sections could be changed with secondary color).

These textures, materials and colors could then be acquired from the battle pass, and wouldn’t be locked to any specific armor core.

This would enable us to make an actual unique Spartan for ourselves.

Also, at the moment you can’t change the Yoroi armor base color at all, meaning everyone looks exactly the same (unless you buy the color from the store). This is because the coatings are locked behind certain cores. And the coatings affect the entire character’s color scheme for every piece of armor. So basically it is impossible for me to make my favorite color combination unless this sort of combination gets released as coating on a new battle pass or an event passes. (And as part of the Yoroi core :/)

Armor Hall changes

With these customization changes, the Armor Hall should be enhanced by turning it into a personal hall of your own made armor presets.

Here you could then create a new preset armor that you could customize to your liking.

This way the Armor Hall would be a slideshow of your own designs rather than selecting a certain armor core and editing it.

This would be somewhat similar how Rocket League has handled making a new preset for a car, mixing any texture and color for the given car body and making as many presets as you like.

Final thoughts

I do enjoy the look of the armor pieces, but currently I’m more inclined to play the multiplayer and leveling the battle pass without the premium pass since every Reach related piece is locked behind the Mark V core. I for example would enjoy to have the shoulder armors available for the Mark VII body.

These changes would make the game more accessible and possibly make more people want to get the battle pass to get different colors, textures and armor pieces.


I do want to emphasize, that this is my own opinion about the current state of the customization. I would like to be able to make an actual unique character for myself that no-one else would have. And combine each of these cores’ armor piece with each other. Were it Yoroi core’s Katanas with Mark VII body and the Shoulder Armors from Reach. The possibilities would be endless.

Good list, all the base armor sets that will ever be in the game at the least should be entirely obtainable outside the store. This should be from the battle-pass both free and paid and through simple gameplay/achievements. Any extras to add on to the armor could be dished out differently.

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thats actually a really good idea. If you dont mind, I made a thread to try and consolidate all of the feedback into one easy to follow thread. the name of the thread is

changes ideas and overall feedback for all

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This should be entirely possible given you can already preview any armor piece on any core in Waypoint. Some pieces cause clipping, but as far as I’m I can see that’s limited to wrist/chest pieces, and that could be fixed by listing those as attachments.

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Besides cross compatibility between armor not being in the game, I’d say the customization is lookin’ pretty good.

Yes I’ll admit there’s next to no armor compared to Reach, but that will be added in later on, I don’t particularly care for that method but it is what it is.

The few things I’d add is cross compatibility between armor, more colors, playable Elites, and the ability to have two helmet attachments at once. One attachment is cool, but the ability to equip two attachments at the same time is awesome. Also playable Elites which I feel very strongly about, but I won’t go into further detail about that because Stckrboy will ban the forum.

Also I would like to see more body types. There should be two options to click on, male body and female body. In those options should be three classes, beefy, skinny, and default.

This is kind of bare bones compared to what I would really like, but who wants to read 10,000 letter post?

One thing that needs to be added

Playable Sangheili

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