Customization being locked behind paywall is a problem

Customization has always been an important aspect of Halo, it’s one of the most integral aspects of multiplayer and plays a huge part in the social aspect of the game. Being able to express yourself and create your own spartan has always been an important part of the game. So it really sucks that we finally have things like selectable prosthetics, more body options, voice options, AI options, etc. but the entire armor customization has been locked behind a paywall. Infinite has the opportunity to be the best Halo in terms of both gameplay and player expression. But it’s dropping the ball big time by locking players out of customization unless they pay. It’s free to play, sure, but 343 isn’t an indy studio and 343 isn’t hurting for money. So this level of predatory monetization is completely unacceptable. Hell, even Activision does a better job than this. Epic games do a better job than this. 343 have set these companies as competitors by trying to make a f2p multiplayer experience so they should be held up to their level. 343 has had 7 years to work on this. What we have is completely inexcusable. Many people have said this but literally, everyone would rather buy the multiplayer than see basically every cosmetic being locked behind a paywall. The game is an absolute masterpiece at its core, but the customization man is just terrible. Players will have no sense of fulfillment or motivation to play the game if they have to pay money for every customization.


Couldn’t have said it better myself, the player does feel rewarded for doing well or even playing the game. Now couple that with the fact that the player has to buy almost every piece of armor in the shop is inexcusable.


Customization has never been that important aside from flaming helmets it’s always been boring and insignificant. Also, customization is not locked behind a paywall. For certain items it is. If I get a cosmetic i like, bonus. Otherwise I play the game because its fun.

I’ve made two detail post’s on this topic and agree with your’s too now. Say what you want about Halo 4, but honestly Halo 4 was the last real Halo game in my books.

  • You earned armor through game play, had paid DLC that gave quality content and earned a reward for beating the game on its highest difficulty.