Customization, Battle Passes, and Monetization: What needs to change

This is going to be a long one, so brace yourselves.

So, here I’d like to lay down a simple groundwork of rules for changes that need to be made to the overall system of unlocking, equipping, and paying for cosmetics in Infinite. Hopefully addressing all, or most of the concerns we have as a community.

I want to preface this by saying I don’t expect everything here to change until the start of season 2, however I will highlight one particular area that needs to change absolutely before May. And I feel it is important that 343i gives us feedback on which of these areas will change, and when we can expect those changes ASAP so that we can prepare ahead of time for them.

I am not going to talk about experience gains, we already know that it is going to change.

I’m going to start with Battle Passes. When a new season comes out, the pass for that season should follow a theme based around an armor core. Reach as an example would be the Mark V [b] core. During season 1, any and all armor cosmetics for the MVb core must appear in the Battle Pass, and no cosmetics for other cores, like the MVII core, should be in it. That means all of the armor, colors, etc that the Reach Battle Pass contains that are for MVII should be removed, and all the MVB and Reach themed armor, emblems, and weapon/vehicle coatings currently slated to appear in the shop should be moved to the pass. (Examples include the Mark V helmet, Commando and Security shoulders, Noble Command vehicle coatings, and Emblems featuring Noble Team members).

All of the Mark VII stuff that is currently in the Seasons of Reach pass should have been unlocked through other methods, such as the shop, or the Ultimate Challenge rewards. This also applies to things like the non-Reach themed emblems and backdrops, the flame-based armor effects, and LUMU and Superintendent AIs. (Auntie Dot would have been an appropriate AI for the pass, and Aunti-Dot themed armor effects would have also been a cool addition here as well, and the Superintendent should have honestly been saved for an ODST themed season).

As well, effort should be made to make sure every single tier of a pass contains at least one cosmetic. XP boosters and Challenge Swaps should only ever appear as a second “bonus” item in a tier. The Reach pass already works like this, which is great but it needs to be considered a rule going forward after the Fracture: Tenrai pass.

Speaking of which, during. Fracture, the same rules need to apply. All cosmetics associated with the Tenrai event should be in the Tenrai pass, not the shop. I will say that since Fractures are special weekly events, some special Fracture core items can be reserved as the Ultimate weekly rewards of the weeks the event is active. So there can be a small handful of Fracture armor pieces that are “exclusive” to the one week they are available. After a season has ended, and the Fracture cosmetics for that season no longer become obtainable through gameplay, they can be added to the shop rotation. This would simultaneously alleviate fomo and provide a means of monetization. But it must always be possible to unlock everything from a fracture during a single season for anyone dedicated enough to complete all of their weekly challenges on the weeks it’s available. This is the one change I expect to see before the start of season 2, this should be implemented before the December return of the Tenrai fracture event. And any items added to it’s pass at tiers we have already unlocked should unlock as soon as the event returns for us.

Now that we have Battle Passes out of the way, let’s talk Customization. A preface here: I fully intend to respect the direction we have gone in terms of Armor Cores and Coatings. However I want to propose changes to some, but not all of the limitations they present. Starting with Armor Kits.

Armor Kits need to be deconstructible. That’s to say once you have purchased or unlocked an armor kit by any means, you must also get all the individual items within that kit as fully unlocked customization options. This extends to the Noble armor pieces that aren’t currently available in the Pass, the HCS armor and weapon coatings, and the emblems that come with them. Particularly with the Noble Team kits, the customizations contained within them (helmets, shoulders, coatings etc) should all be unlocked upon reaching the Kit in the pass, and should not appear individually earlier on. Which frees up more space in the pass for MVb items we already know are planned to come to the shop. Basically, a Kit should just as much be a means of quickly equipping iconic characters as armor, AND unlocking all their individual pieces for customization.

Coatings… I know they are a hot topic and I am not going to petition for the change back to primary/secondary here. However I will say coatings need to be more universal than they are now. When you get an Armor coating it needs to be applicable to all armor cores. Vehicle and weapon coatings should not be individual to specific weapons or vehicles either, and should be applicable to any weapon or vehicle. Basically coatings need to be more universal than they are now as a rule. We should be able to equip Noble Command to MVII and Yoroi armor, the Whispered Sky BR coating should be a Whispered Sky weapon coating that can be applied to any weapon we want. And the Platinum Anniversary vehicle coating should not be exclusive to Warthogs.

And to touch on cores, coatings are not the only customization option that should be universal to weapon cores. Chest, shoulder, utility, and wrist attachments are exclusive for a reason, so they conform to the shape of the base pieces. However visor colors, helmets, and as stated before coatings, have no reason to be locked to cores. Just like armor effects they should all be universal.

One final thing that needs to be universal is emblems. Some emblems only unlock for weapons, vehicles, armor, or your profile. This should never be the case and they should not be treated as separate items. Once you have an emblem, you should be able to stick it on anything.

And with that we come to monetization. Which is basically just a summary of some points that were brought up above:

All cosmetics tied to the core theme of a seasonal pass, or fracture event MUST be obtained in that pass rather than the shop. (ALL Mark V [b] armor and Yoroi and Reach/Tenrai themed coatings, emblems, charms etc)

All purchases of kits from a shop must unlock the individual items in that kit for proper customization.

The shop can be used as a means of redistributing previously time-limited customizations, like the Yoroi armor, only after that time-limited event has completed.

There is one other thing I want to bring up though, some Bundles in the shop contain overlapping items such as the Scarlett and Desert bundles, which both contained the UA/Hampus shoulders within them. If you already contain some of the items in a bundle, the rest of the Bundle needs to be discounted accordingly. So if, say, a Bundle comes out with a chest piece you don’t have, but it also has two shoulders and a coating you already have, that bundle should be marked as 75% off for you, because you already have 75% of that bundle. This is just economical common sense.

Anyway, so that’s my big list of changes to broader customization and progression that needs to happen before season 2 launches. If anyone has any additions that need to be made, let me know.