Customization and Space Battles

SPOILERS OF THE FORERUNNER TRILOGY BOOKS GO READ THEM IF YOU HAVEN’T I ask all lovers of the first Halo Wars, will you ask CA and 343 to make a true RTS for it’s space fairing ways? To have an invasion of a planet concurrently with the glassing of another. To train a leader of the Sangheilli from birth to lead and become your main shipmaster. To wipe out the lying San’Shuum. To be the Ancient Humans as they fight the Forerunners while the Flood consume all. To speak to The Primordial… And see it’s Crystal Red eyes. Choosing a timeline before you play campaign or multiplayer, choosing a side, making your people. Allowing true customization of your ships, emblems of the Captain, Admiral, Shipmaster, Warrior Caste, less armor, more shield, thick hull focused on only the front for a powerful SuperMac cannon not designed for ships but orbital defenses. See the potential of being the precursors, among their creations, denying all beings the Mantle. A true RTS that the first game should’ve been. Halo Wars 2, the Precursor Campaigns, the Forerunner Trilogy to go with the books, the Rebellion of Man, the activation of the rings, the devastation of the Domain. All possibilities, all could be made, all could be dlc and we only get two campaigns to start with, whatever you must do Creative Assembly Gods and 343 great ones, but allow your fans the game we want, in this case, it’s my opinion, but I love both companies, please delay the game at least two years, show very very small bits of the content, you’ll make more money off of pre-orders, not less, please, do what you can. LOVES

The poll is useless because i want all those things

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> The poll is useless because i want all those things

I understand your pain.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES! ALL OF THE THINGS ARE WANT!

There better be Fleet battles. It would be amazing to build a fleet or even planetary defense for all I care. Who wouldn’t love being able to command 300 Orbital MAC Guns?

Just think how much easier machinamas would be if there are fleet battles with customisable huds that could be turned off or on. As well as theatre

The pole is a formality for attention, my afterwards are what I wanted the attention upon. Continue to give your opinions, with William and Fatal Pain I definitely agree, switching from space battles, to glassing a planet, to colonizing another with different timelines.

I’m just gonna say this immediately. You have typed about several different games but combined them. It will not happen with HW 2 but it has potential for another game. They can’t do all this for HW 2 and it is a completely different RTS style. You want a Halo RTS game that has been combined with SW EaW galactic conquest, Sins of a Solar Empire and Homeworld. From everything you typed i understand it as, you want a Halo RTS game only based on space which is fine. I want one too. I think it’s possible, again not for HW 2.

A combination of those three games. A game almost like Total War in a sense regarding the campaign but real time and not turn based. Oh by the way. You can’t have a competetive multiplayer with this kind of game because it would purely be a campaign game. Co-op and head to head should be more than possible. If it’s turn based. You choose to attack a shipmaster that will have several units attached to it and that would load you into a real time battle. A multiplayer where you can fight those real time battles would work.

To get as close to the Halo RTS game you want as to what you have described, someone would have to create it with the Sins of a Solar Empire style but improve upon it 10 times. Mix it with customization from Homeworld but improve it and you’ll have your game right there. It’s only real time with no land battles. Or make something like Battlefleet Gothic: Armada, though it would be quite small compared to what you have typed what you want. If you want a mix of turn based and real time a SW EaW galactic conquest style would be the thing to do but again improved upon a lot and again mix it with Homeworld customization and improve it too and there you go. The game you want. The land and space battles would obviously have to be seperate.

The campaign (Galactic Conquest) would only have 2 player co-op and head to head because combined with land battles from SW EaW, it would take 20 minutes up to 2h for a single turn to go past if both players decide to play real time on their turn and depending on how fleshed out the land battles are. If you can’t build anything in land battles and can only fight with all those units you brought with your shipmaster it could work with more than 2 players. Assuming battles would only take up to 10 - 15 minutes. 4 players can easily make one turn be over an hour. If players can prepare things to build and research while it’s not their turn, it would drastically reduce the time needed for a turn to pass.

Let’s hope HW 2 become very successful for its genre so perhaps we will see more different Halo RTS style games. A space style RTS like Sins of a Solare Empire but vastly improved would make me happy and Stellaris but improved real time battles since that is poorly made would also be nice.

Yes, I have intentionally combined several, in hopes of a true evolution of RTS Grand Strategy Games to find ever closer to the unreachable goal of perfection. I agree that if it was as I wish, with Turn-based of TW, and Real time of most others, it could take time, which is why a timer of 20 minutes should be on the clock, paused for battles. The research, the map movement, the city management, the diplomacy. Giving more of an edge, to see a continuously dropping time making for more drastic responses. If asking another player something in diplomacy, a pause of the former’s timer and the other player has then 1 minute to respond or an automatic rejection. The switch of Land Battle and Space Battles, like SW EaW yes, however, with the possibility of Sins, to bombard a planet into submission, should always be an option. Like with razing is always in the TW games. The game made will more than likely be not up to par to what I wish, but it’s better to speak of our opinions, and hope, than have only mystery. The Timelines would also do something else if it came to that type of multiplayer. You could switch in-between multiplayer, pausing for the diplomacy of others’ only 3 timelines at a time. Letting others take their turns while you simply switch to another game you have going and take your other turn with warnings of if they are to collide with turns, having to pause one for a max of 5 minutes while waiting for the other games’ turn.

All of the Above for that poll.


How do you expect me to choose one of these choices? They are all so good, and they are all things I desire! Why, OP? Why?

We want space/fleet battles. It would be cool to be able to upgrade and train in ships as bases as well, because Ships are an Uber Unit and a Movable Base in Halo Wars terms.

I love your ideas! I completely agree with your ideas about the different stories. Sadly though it more than likely wont happen because they probably want to please some of the more casual gamers and Microsoft is probably scared going too deep into the lore of Halo. But maybe this could be a way for them to introduce others to the lore of Halo and make people go out and buy the books to find out more and play the other games to find out more of the lore.

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> Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES! ALL OF THE THINGS ARE WANT!

I agree completely.

@Kugel, as I had said in the paragraph afterwards, the pole was only for attention, I’d love to have all of it, an option for them to put every piece of lore within a game, and see all of it. If need be, have dlc for all the other timelines.

@William, small ships for ground battles if they have both would be Uber, the Frigates for example of the crapstorm of lore that Halo Reach was, completely off the books. But if Space Battles are available as well, then all ships are available, Forerunners, all Humans, Flood-infested, Covenant, covenant weapons upon Human ships. Post Covenant war Human ships with Forerunner technology.

Ancient Human ships, Precursor structures around planets.

@Reptar, appreciated. Being able to have more read those glorious books would only be a victory for them and the writers. Which would also keep them writing for Halo, Karen Traviss and Greg Bear utterly amazing.

I love your ideas! I want space battle and customizable shipmaster

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> I love your ideas! I want space battle and customizable shipmaster

I agree. Space/Fleet battles would be amazing. Especially if we can have MAC Platforms and MAC Guns.

Empire at war would probably be the most fun way to do it.