Customization and In-Game Store Thoughts

So I’ve really been enjoying Halo Infinite so far, the gameplay is exactly what I want in a new Halo game. As I see many people posting thoughts on the game, I wanted to add in some feedback that I would like to see implemented or considered for our character customization as well. Specifically I wanted to try and provide my thoughts in as constructive a way as possible.

Firstly, I really enjoy the aesthetics of the armor, player icons and weapon/vehicle customization. However I think there are a few pain points that I would like to see some changes to. This is all subjective and I realize everyone may not agree, and only really minor compared to how much fun I’m having currently. Thank you to the team for continuing to review feedback from the community!

Armor Coatings:

As many people have mentioned, I think having things like armor coatings being universal would be an excellent change.

  • Value - It provides more long term value for players when they purchase or earn them, such as when we unlock additional cores years later down the line, it would be cool to apply some prior earned colors to it, especially if there is one we really like (similar to the shader system in Destiny) to rep a weekly challenge we previously completed or a battle pass level we attained.

  • Uniqueness - Universal coatings also solves another problem I see, which is that new armor cores, assuming the setup we see in the current fractures event is representative, is that one they are unlocked we start to see several duplicate looking Spartans in game. This is boring visually, and doesn’t help me feel unique and interesting while playing.

Armor Kits

The specific pain points here revolve around the limitations and communication of how these work.

  • Limitations - The current armor kits are a really interesting idea, but I believe that having some additional control over them would be nice. I can understand the desire or intention to provide a full complete look with them, but it feels unnecessarily limiting when you can’t adjust armor colors or emblems/attachments on armor and weapons in these kits. Even if all the armor settings remain locked, it would be nice to have the ability to change color and emblems to stand out a little bit more. This again plays to the desire to have more unique looking Spartans on the battlefield.

  • Communication - Another issue I see is that it isn’t super clearly communicated in game during purchase or when equipping a kit, that the items are all tied to the kit, and can’t be mixed and matched outside of the kit. While potentially not within the current scope, it would be nice if kits instead represented bundles of cosmetics that make up a specific look, but the individual armor pieces could be used separately. Alternatively, a warning or notice when purchasing or equipping then would be a nice quality of life change.

Store Bundles

My primary concerns here are prices and how bundling works.

  • Prices - I think this probably goes hand in hand with my next point, but some of the store prices seem more expensive than expected. I really only have one other game as a reference point, but for example, in Destiny I can buy a new full cosmetic armor set of 5 items (head, arms, chest, legs, class item) for ~$15. Compared to the Infinite store, where there is a $15 bundle (Sentinel’s Blades) that contains only a single utility accessory and 4 emblems (same design, different applications). It feels that there is not enough value there for the price, especially when you consider that the utility item is only applicable to a single armor core. Potential solutions would be to reconfigure prices based on what is included or allow for items to be used universally (I realize there are likely several technical hurdles with this one, and understand it may not be feasible).

  • Bundles - This is one thing I also see in games like Warzone, that I think is unfortunate. The idea of themed bundles is really cool conceptually, but practically it seems to restrict player choice or force them to spend more money for only a single item they may want. For example, I would like to have the Sakura backdrop (in the Shinobi Wrap bundle), but I have no intention of using any of the other items. It becomes a really hard sell to spend $10 for a single backdrop I would like to use. I feel that having bundles is great in order to theme products and provide a value to people who would like to own all items, but providing an à la carte option for items would really help people feel like they are able to get what they want at a good value. I think either a rotating selection of individual items for purchase, or allowing individual item purchases through an in-game earned currency would be great - even potentially reducing the cost of bundles later on if people decided they wanted to buy the rest of the items later (again similar to Destiny’s store). I think this would present the best value options to players and help them feel like they are able to get exactly what they want.