Customizables being transfered from 5 to Infinite

I have a feeling Halo Infinite is going to involve your personal spartan alot more than previous titles. Purely speculation, but I really like the idea. So my question to you guys is. Do you think Halo Infinite will transfer your spartan customization options from 5?
I know previous titles didn’t, though I would argue that Infinite and 5 fall under a different critera. Considering the req packs could be purchased with real world currency. I think that it would be a good idea to at least make some armor such as the legendary armor pieces, as well as the HelioSkrill armor available in Infinite if you previously had it unlocked on Halo 5. I’d like to know your thoughts on this, as well as ideas to ways 343 could go about customizables being transfered from 5 to infinite.

No, I don’t think things from 5 will transfer to Infinite, nor do I think they should. Would mean there would be less things to unlock through gameplay. I like the idea of everyone starting from square 1 with each game.

Maybe a couple pieces of armor here and there, but nothing else. I hope they allow you to transfer Achilles and then have a new armor set available to be earned in Infinite in a similar manner. But I wouldn’t be disappointed if that did not happen. New game with a clean slate is an attractive prospect.

I doubt it and honestly I don’t want it. It’s more fun to start at square 1 for me at least

I hope not, I have general dislike towards legacy items.

I think it would be best to just have everyone start from scratch while earning everything through simply playing Infinite without any need for any external products or applications.

1 or 2 starting sets, current campaign Mark variant & perhaps recruit type (not necessarily recruit as seen in H4/H5g but perhaps optional multiplayer set for early mix & match) set for early variation. Then earn the rest of the sets through playing Infinite itself.

And maybe spread armor piece earnings a bit between different gamemodes, it’s something 343i could improve.
As in Halo 3 had 3 unlockable armor sets in campaign while having much less sets than H4 for example which had 1 campaign unlockable armor.
So maybe just have bit more unlockable armor for campaign & firefight achievements too and maybe some sets could be earned in any gamemode or unlock is shared through different modes.
For example, destroy x amount of wraiths could be unlocked by destroying z amount in campaign, y amount in multiplayer and c amount in firefight which together add to x amount.