Customizable Controls

Now that Infinite has custom control bindings for controllers, I really hope @343 adds them to MCC. I’ve gotten used to my favorite control setup in Infinite now; I can’t go back to using a preset lol


Yes i strongly agree, this would not be difficult to add into the game. I want crouch on right stick and melee to be B button, but there is no option for that and its frustrating


It’s time for the devs to finally recognize how much this is needed and get to work on implementing it. I’ve written to support numerous times about this in the last two years or so, and still nothing. It’s finally becoming more common in the industry with customizable controls and, as the MCC still has a lot of life left in it, there’s really no excuse not to add it. There are already presets, which means that the button prompts are changeable; all they have to do is program the button mapping list and they already have the template from Infinite.

343, please hear us out.