Customizable Controls

I’m not sure if this has been discussed before, but I personally feel 343 should add the option to use a customized control scheme. For instance, I have used Recon as my primary control scheme since Halo 3 came out (as that was the default option). But the button for aiming the ground-pound is on the wrong stick, so it’s impossible to aim anywhere but straight. Also there are a lot of people that seem to like the standard FPS controls (CoD, Battlefield, Destiny, etc.), but such an option does not exist in Halo 5. I think customization would be a great way to help get new players into the game easier, and also it would make it better for the community as a whole. Pretty much every PC game offers customizable controls, but I think I have yet to see a game on console support this option.

By the way, yes I know that on Xbox One you can change your controls in the settings, however I don’t want to have to mess with that every time I play Halo 5.

Pretty sure you can have one saved custom controller setup…

If you want to change buttons you can map set controller options in Xbox controller settings. It’s not button mapping in game but still.

There’s just one problem; you can only change buttons as a whole, not abilities. I still want the right stick to control look rotation, I just don’t want it to have ground pound. I want to switch ground pound to the left stick. But you can’t do that with button mapping. Only if they added customizable control options. Also I was trying to keep the Recon settings but make the left trigger smart-link. But you can’t edit triggers with button mapping.