Customizable Control Schemes?

I was wondering whether or not people wanted more button mapping options in Halo 4. I’ve played Halo since Combat Evolved and have always defaulted. I played Reach to death and got very used to using Sprint on the left bumper. While I am getting acclimated to the new default option in this game, I’m somewhat disappointed in the crouch option being placed on the B button. I feel I’ve had to completely change up my strategy in firefights and crouch-jumping. Naturally I tried the other controller options but none of them were intuitive enough for me.

Would you guys prefer to have the option of setting your own control schemes or maybe getting a few more options made by 343 in an update? Naturally with every new game there are things here and there that I can nitpick but this issue in particular has thrown me off. I don’t normally post topics to complain, and I’m trying to make my complaints constructive, so if you disagree let us know why and we’ll have a nice open discussion about the controls.

Of course, if any staff members from 343 notice this thread and want to add anything, that would be amazing. I’m not expecting the control options to be changed any time soon if ever, but if enough people have the same complaint as me we may get somewhere with this! Thanks everyone.

This is what I want them to do. It drives me nuts that after 6 halo games, they don’t even bother to let you map your own controls. I hopes this gets their attention.

Yeah, although it is pretty rare that console games have customizable controls. I just feel like coming from Reach the default controls aren’t really similar anymore and there is too much reliance on the control stick click to sprint, which isn’t something I like to do. I felt that sprint was perfect on the left bumper. But, if custom controls aren’t possible, maybe more options provided by 343 are a reasonable compromise?