Customizable Backgrounds

These should be added into your spartan along with his/hers stance and emblem and color!
Instead of seeing that emblem AGAIN behind you we could have some cool background images such as…

  • Halo 1 cover art - Halo 2 & 3 cover art? - Reach - In the pelicans hangar - In infinity’s hangar - Sangelios - On a Halo ring - A beach - MeridianSee we have SO many options! Only if the pre-game lobby showed who u were actually playing against ;(

Nobody likes this idea?

I’d be fine with just the stance like in Halo 4, but background images would be cool.

I’d love this. Maybe add achievement screenshot things?

Yeah I’ve been thinking about this for a while. In Halo 4 you had like a Spartan card and to me the stances are better than Halo 5s stances.

Background images would be a great addition and attention grabbing.

i like it, but instead of behind our spartan how about as the main menu? being able to change how it looks would be unique and fun imo