Customising Req Order?

Now i’ve been a fan of Halo for years and It’s my favourite game series, but i’ve never even looked at the forums (so sorry for appearing like an idiot).

Does anyone think there should be an option to organise your reqs? I’m not talking about changing all of the orders of every single Req. But for example I only tend to use 2 or 3 assault rifles (standard, hybrid and extended Mag mainly) so going through all the assault rifles just to grab an extended magazine variant can be a bit tedious. It’s even more annoying going through SMGs at high rounds just to get one with a bayonet or something similar. Same can be said when going through all the armour mods just to get to Wheelman near the end.

Maybe even the next time you spawn they automatically change to your preferred choice of Loadout (so If I die going from Req 1 to 2, it automatically changes to extended mag pistol and assault rifle for when I spawn)

Is this just me? Or am I annoying and going for a little rant…?

It would be nice if we could hide the loadout reqs we never use

This is something that would be nice but I’m sure there’s no way it gets included in H5. Too much to overhaul.