Customisation needs reform

I am writing to express my disappointment in the customization on halo infinite.
In halo reach, we had the option to choose any armour pieces we wanted in any configuration. Now armour pieces are locked behind ‘armour cores’ so the permutations are severely reduced. Additionally, many of these options are now vaulted, so there is no opportunity to get these items for returning or new players like myself. The same applies to emblems and nameplates, the system of which has also deteriorated. Before we could choose our own emblem and change parts of it and the colour of it, now the options are limited, and the same applies to the colour of our armour, which is now also restricted to presets dictated by the developer, I want my white suit of EVA armour, which I have worn since Halo 3!. Finally, on customization, I am extremely dissatisfied with adding daft cosmetics such as ‘bunny ears’ and special effects such as a wolf howling when I get killed. This ruins the authenticity of the battlefield and harms the overall halo experience in my view. I could just about tolerate the cat ears helmet, but seeing a dead bunny face when I die? Does this really reflect the halo universe now? In my view customization has taken a huge step backwards compared with the previous titles in the series.

Proposed solutions:
Un-vault locked content, make it earnable as normal, or by completing challenges. Possibly give the option to change weekly cosmetic rewards, so the cosmetics are still earned in the same way but you choose which?

  • Bring back full armour colour options, such as those in halo reach
  • Bring back full emblem customisation such as that in halo reach
  • No more crazy cosmetics or armour effects, perhaps make them available for a limited time before removal, eg. bunny ears, Easter time only?
    Thank you for reading my feedback.

I don’t care for weird and wacky cosmetics tbh. In fact, I welcome it, cos it lets people see how accessible and “fun” Halo can be, especially with the cool and fun maps our Forgers are raring to birth by the truckload.

But selling cosmetics in a scummy fashion is a surefire way to drive away players again, especially the Social crowd who just wants to come and have fun, and in that respect, I think the customization system needs a reform.

  • Customizable Emblems :heavy_check_mark:
  • Colour Palettes instead of Colour Coatings :heavy_check_mark:
  • Coatings for unique decal or prints which can then be customized with the Palettes a player purchases :heavy_check_mark:
  • Cross Core :heavy_check_mark:
  • Option to default all Spartan looks for gameplay purposes :heavy_check_mark:
  • Store Catalouge :heavy_check_mark:

That’s all we need. We can talk about UI later but I hope 343’s current leadership sees the merit in introducing more customization freedom before adding more and more cosmetics which they’re just gonna lock away from us once the season is over.

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You should check out the post i made about an armor toggle.

Anti armor/cosmetic toggle is the same thing as Anti Mute function

I agree about the “cute” cosmetics and the kill effects. They don’t match Halo’s tone and a toggle to turn them off would be nice.


i actually really hate all the stupid wacky cosmetics because i feel it’s gonna get so bad to where there’s so much it’s just gonna eat up my storage space, thats why i quit cod. i didn’t have room for it and im 99% sure it was because they kept adding stupid cosmetics. honestly i think it’s too late, there’s already some really stupid stuff like weapon charms and attachments for weapons and vehicles.


I never use charms and I never use any fancy armor effects. Never have never will.
That’s why I said that an option for toggling it off should be implemented to be fair for the population who finds it too distracting. After all, it’s all cosmetic so an option to toggle off shouldn’t be a big deal right?

I personally want kill effects off. Hate it, don’t like it, never wish it on anyone or myself. Biggest culprits are those people who are using the obnoxious lotus and fire skull kill effect which flashbangs or blows people’s ears out. Yappening kill effect I can still tolerate and Wolf kill effect isn’t that bad but since there are potentially more disruptive ones out there, a kill effect toggle is a must.


You can wrench my cat ears from my cold dead hands.


thats also another thing because i like customization, mostly with armor, i like seeing other players own custom spartans but it just everything else i see is really dumb and pointless like some of the kill effects, stances, the trail effects, attachments. it’s ridiculous because they’re still gonna make them part of the battle pass or events and inflate shop prices you know? i just want to be completely rid of them but 343 is all in on the different custom options no matter how stupid they are.

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Well too bad you can’t have it all. You either have it all or not at all, no point in trying to force your agenda just because you and some people don’t like it.

I’ve long given up trying to see Halo as a “serious” military sci fi shooter, and that’s back when Hayabusa was in H3. And you know what? I actually don’t care as long as I get a toggle. Sometimes I like seeing other customizations, I toggle it on, sometimes I wanna be serious I toggle it off. Glad MCC gave us this feature, hope Infinite gets it too.

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Fr imagine still thinking halo multiplayer is a serious sci fi military shooter seriously still after halo 3’s Hayabusa and t bag physics and the elite penishead helmet lol

I would rather have cat ears over the majority of halo 5’s armor catalog


This “lock” in armor customization is why the “playoff” bundle for hcs partnered teams is an overlay and can be added to any armor. I think that 343i had a plan and is now pivoting to better support that true unique customization across the board.

WE DO NOT talk about that.

343 wishes it can get away with armor like this with that teen rating lmao

i never said anything about taking halo seriously, halo always had something wacky but infinite is trying too hard, and the problem with multiplayer is they’re focusing too much on silly cosmetics and not enough on the rest of it. i just dont want stupid stuff that’s literally only there to take up space and it’s not just charms and attachments it their own stupid coatings. things wont change if you give up so easily.

I see now what I never saw before…