Customisation ideas and discussion

  • We could have 3 options on coatings that swap the colours around. (For example: There could be a coating with a red body, white fore arms and lower legs. This could be swapped around). So like the emblems, we could select an alteration of the original coating. We could swap the dominant colour with the colour that is less. More examples: Black under suit with white armour can be changed to white under suit with black armour or black armour with yellow parts on it could be changed to yellow armour with black parts on it
  • I like the fact that we can put symbols on the guns and chest armour but I wish that we could put it on the
    shoulder where it would be more visible as the chest armour attachments also cover it
  • I like the chest attachments but I wish that they would change colour with the coating that you have
    equipped as I find that the standard metal colour takes away from the coating
  • I like the visors but it would be great to get animated ones
  • like the fire slide effect. A melee effect would be great. Also I think that the helmet fire effect could be a little
    higher and engulf the helmet a bit more
  • Something like selecting armour texture would be great. Such as coarse, glassy, tinted chrome, composite, polish, dirty, clean, battle damaged
  • Armour effects such as chameleon where the colour fades into another each second (not to be confused with a trippy effect that would be great also) or a starry night effect or Zeta night sky which would be the opposite of the Zeta sky that I got with the pre-order of campaign. These could also apply to the weapons
  • A visor cracking effect would be satisfying for if the final shot of a kill is a head shot.

It is pretty simple, just copy Warframe … there is literally nothing else to it. Well of course the difference is that Warframe has a lessor focus on individualism where as other “main stream” devs are really all doing their job to just make the boss richer.