You know what the biggest problem with Halo 5 is?
It’s not all the BS, spartan charge and ground pound.
It’s not that Melee is worthless.
Its not ADS, or even Sprint.

Actually it is…

and its exasperated by the current control screams. Well 343 if you can’t figure out a setting that WORKS with all the BS that you’ve added, then allow US to make our own.

I agree, i posted a topic on this a couple weeks ago, i dont see why they couldnt

I posted one, too. Put the in-game function on screen and let us press the button that we want for that function. It’s not hard.

Agreed. No reason we can’t bind a action to any button we want.

I mean, Fighting games and PC games both have been doing this for ages. Why can’t FPS games do it?

Worth bumping. Seriously, preset controls suck.