Custom weapons in forge/custom games

So I already made this post then my internet stopped working so here’s customizations that should be in forge/custom games:
1:color changing ex: a green energy sword
2:melee damage
3:changing sound when shooting ex: a sniper sounds like a magnum
4:name changing
5:removing scope or putting one on ex: ar with a BR scope or a sniper without a scope.
6:adding effects to player when holding a specific weapon ex: a player turns invisible when holding an energy sword
7:special effects to bullets like smoke trails or something
8:effects given to players hit with a specific weapon ex:getting hit by a sniper slows down players for a short time
9:extended clip or decreased clip size
10:how fast you switch to a weapon/ put it away ex: a magnum is fast to switch to but slow to switch to the other weapon