Custom UNSC Frigate Map

Anyone out there interested in making another map with a UNSC Frigate in low-orbit over Forge World, with planetary bases on the ground?
*ODST Drop Pods
*Engine Room, Command Bridge, Hanger, MAC Gun, Weapon depo etc.
\\Anyone interested reply to this message.///

This is impossible.

I have a custom map with a UNSC frigate in low orbit over the Halo.


Cargo bay/Hangar
ODST Drop Pods. (Fully functioning)
Ring side shooting range

the problem is that you ALWAYS run out of pieces making the ship so there’s nothing left to build a base Ring side.

I built this map myself.
If you would like to see it please feel free to contact me.

My gamer tag is

Nym 146

Yeah, I guess you are right.
I scrapped that idea and went for something completely different, a UNSC Super MAC platform.
It worked out VERY well, with Control Room, MAC Firing Room, ODST Drop Pods, 2 Hangers, Cargo Bay and Turrets.
I’ll try and post it as soon as possible, but might need some more tweaking first :smiley:

#Yes, I will add you as a friend when I go to put the map up.

Thanks! I would LOVE to see this!

if you would like any ideas, advise or a map tester I hope you bear me in mind :slight_smile: