Custom Thread

Post a GT and let’s keep the list updated. If we can’t play MM we can do customs! Got 5 people right now if you want in i’ll check back and invite people. Join mine or start your own!

My gt is Armada Bruh


Are you guys playing infection?

Post your GT, my lobby filled pretty quick. So let’s keep this thread open for people looking to play. Post a GT and i’ll update my title post with it to keep the customs going!

Nah man just good ole 4v4 slayer and objectives.


Gasparetti 07




Got room for one

Message me i can’t figure out how to invite people i’m an idiot.


I actually have a playable custom infection game on my fileshare that we could use.


Bax D

Got room for 2, running 4v4 halo 2 classic. Message me for inv.

Has anyone else lost game types in multiplayer? I only have six and had atleast double that the other day