Custom stabilizer

Hi, is there any option in the customs configuration to not lose the focus when u have the stabilizer and a player shoots you?

Being shot out of your zoomed focus (aka ADS) is an iconic aspect of Halo, so there’s no option to change that; however, are you actually talking about losing the stabilizer aspect when being shot out of your zoomed focus? Cause now that I think about it I’m not sure what happens if you’re shot out of your ADS and you continue to hold the ADS trigger/button down… do you lose the stabilizer feature? I rarely use it and when I do I usually either let go of the stabilizing feature myself or if I get shot and lose my ADS I instantly release my hold on the trigger/button which causes or would cause me to lose the stabilize feature anyways so I’m not actually certain.

I do know that there’s a setting that’ll let you modify the method to engage the stabilize feature from your ADS to you’re Sprint mechanic button (when you’re airborne) and with that set-up perhaps you can maintain the stabilize feature while being shot out of your ADS (zoomed focus), but I’m not certain as I haven’t tried that method since the initial release of the game.