Custom Spartan player created colour editor. Swap coatings colours

I was looking at the Armour customisation last night on Halo Infinite and got to thinking…

There is little chance that 343 will remove coatings & that’s okay, A huge part of development went into that.
I’m talking about giving additional customisation to what’s already in place to appease fans.

I’ll try not to butcher my explanation but here goes:
What if you could use those existing coatings/colours that you have purchased or unlocked to customise your spartan colours in the way you want so the colours are not set on each armour piece.
Eg) Blue armour with Orange shoulder pieces and Yellow details.

So you have those 3 coating colours to use right… But you can choose which colour goes where:
eg) Blue shoulders, Orange details, Yellow armour.

So you have additional variation to each of the armours/coatings.

Similar to how the customisation of Spartans in Halo 3 works, but seeing as coatings are here to stay, why not implement them in other ways.

Players may feel more encouraged to purchase certain items if they had more control over the item they purchased and how they can use it.

eg) “I was gonna buy the “X” coating, but I don’t like the placement of the colours so I won’t…”
Let’s change that.

This would essentially give you 9 variations of each individual coating. Giving each spartan an even greater uniqueness and personality.


It would be a neat idea to treat coatings like emblems, similar to the way you described it. More modularity, more choices, more reason to pick up a coating.

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