Custom Reach Challenge Set Up

343 please make an option to set up your favorite custom challenges or at least to be able to click on history and replay a challenge that’s already been met.

It’s not a big deal but it’s just a pain setting up the same challnges again and again and again. Thanks

I can understand what you mean… but tbf, this should only be an issue if you’re doing the ONI: Sword Base cycle of CC’s. Seeing as the turn around on these are pretty quick.

Other than that, you shouldn’t really have the need to make new challenges more than once every two or three hours (depending on what you set yourself to complete). So re-typing your original challenge every three hours or so isn’t much of a biggy :slight_smile:

Actually you are right and wrong. I will do the Oni trick but I had thought about this a long time ago when setting up customs. In fact I quit doing it because I was too lazy to set them up before going in to MM.

Even with your point about Oni, what does it matter? How I choose to set up my customs is entirely up to me. I am not breaking any rules or affecting any other people’s game play.

Don’t take that is me being rude by the way. Just trying to make a point.

lol mate… i’m not getting on your back about it at all. I do ONI myself, so i’m not here to judge :slight_smile:

All I was saying was, that it only becomes an issue when you have to re-type out the challenges every three or four minutes is all. Apart from that (for me at least), it’s just a case of making new challenges every three hours or so. So for me, it’s not really that much of an issue.

I did read a few days ago, that there are members that use macro prog’s to auto fill out their challenge sheets for them. But I don’t really know anything about macro’s, so i’m afraid i’d be of little help to you on that one. I also don’t know if it would considered as taking the challenge reset thing too far as well. Seeing as you’re using an outside prog to help you with the challenges, even if it is only to fill out the challenges.

If I knew of one that was safe and worked I would use it, maybe some thing like a Greasemonkey script. After all, it’s just filling out a form.