Custom Playlist

How this might be able to work and work as fairly as possible.

Custom Playlist would be a way for you to show off some of your work in Forge, and of course test it out.

  1. It would have 4 sub-playlist. Team Competitive, Big Team Competitive, FFA, and Mini-games.

  2. You can select Host, or Find game for each playlist.

  3. At the end of each match you have to opportunity to vote on various aspects of the host, and map. The more positive responses increases the Host’s reputation, bad reviews lowers the host reputation to the point of temp ban from the playlist. You can vote on several factors of the game such as: Fair game play, Good host, Bad host, Fun map, and perhaps a couple of more. The point of this is to make sure you match up with good quality maps, and games.

Do you think this could work? Thoughts?

I would just do the host or find and then add a filter for game type

I’d prefer an actual Custom Games Browser separate from the main Matchmaking area. It really doesn’t need to be that complicated. Of course, lobbies should have options, like password, name, blacklist, whitelist, open/closed/friends only, and search should have gametype, map, and host filters, but it should function alongside Matchmaking rather than inside it.