Custom options

I’m sure everyone is well aware about the missing gametypes. But it seems to me not everyone is aware about the lack of customisable options within the gametypes. Things went down hill as of Halo 4 and has only seemed to get worse. As it stands just now, forge will only be useful for competitive maps.

Heres some reading material. Mainly want to show off OPs list about the missing options that we had in previous titles.

This is is a little software ap that a waypoint moderator created back in Halo 4s day, highlighting what options we had in the past and which were missing during 4. The ap is somewhat outdated now but I feel it was a great way to really show what we’ve lost.

I didn’t play MCC as I had lost some faith in the creative side of Halo after 4. Perhaps things were better? Were the custom options fleshed out?

I have some hope that game types like infection, KOTH and race will be added. Would be nice to see a few more. I’m still very worried about the option side of things. Many old popular game modes will be ruled out if these options continue to be dropped.

Is nobody else concerned about this?