Custom Multiplayer ending

Ok so in the Halo 5 beta the winning team of a match had their Spartans shown celebrating the victory in an energetic way. I thought this was cool and was a little disappointed when this was toned down in the actual release. Now an idea I had for Infinite was if they bring the end game show back we should have custom sets.

Basically just like one would select an assassination animation you could select a little action your Spartan does at the end of the match little things like raising one hand in victory or have them do a soldier solute or have them do nothing if you want. Its little things like this that would give your spartan more personality. You wanna stay stoic and more calm fine but if you wanna show off and be extra you can do that too.
If we really wanted to take it to next level could add in animations for if you lose but that might be pushing it.

But what do you guys think would you like this kinda thing or should 343 just keep it simple? If your for this what kind of animations would you like to see?