Custom Matchmaking?

Since its inception, Halo has been about customising your experience in multiplayer. This first started with Halo:CE with the choosing of armour colours and editing new game modes from the pre-established ones, then moved onto altering the objects of maps in Halo 3 and now with Halo Master Chief Collection you can now craft an entirely new map on a blank canvas. But despite all the hours put into creating our own maps and game modes there was always one thing that remained unaccounted - Custom Matchmaking.

Now custom maps have been in previous halo games, but these were always maps favoured by the community and chosen by the team who runs the servers. And maybe like many of you fine people; you might not have as many friends interested in Halo then as say battlefield or call of duty so gathering the right amount of people for your custom game maybe challenging, and that’s not including the schedule clearing. Also like me, you may not have the time or willpower to pester complete strangers on forums and post-match scoreboards asking if they are willing to jump into a game with a complete enigma of a player.

So what I’m proposing is what I feel is the next natural step in customising Halo’s experience.

Here’s the pitch; you’ve just finished your custom map and gamemode and want to test it out, but you got no friends to join in at that moment. So you do the next best thing and allow online access to it and to do so you do the following;

  • Go to Multiplayer

  • Select Custom Game

  • In the Game Access option you have ‘Private’, ‘Open’ and ‘Matchmaking’
    Private is what it is, private. No one can jump in without your permission.
    Open is the opposite, allows anyone to jump in with a toggle option for just allowing friends.
    And finally Matchmaking is like Open except that it opens your game up to matchmaking, meaning people are able to join mid-game and after the match is finished it automatically restarts the game.

Upon selecting this option you become the ‘Host’ for this match, selecting this one also reveal a number of options

Match type - This one asks you to list the game in three different playlists; Solo, Team and Other. Both the solo and team playlists contain all the slayer and objective modes whilst other is fun ones like infection, grifball, race and even forge.

Playlist Cycle - this allows you to at a cycle to your maps, say if you have multiple maps or game modes you want to share. It will bring up your list of maps and modes (including the on disc ones) and then you toggle which ones you want to do. Finally this can be saved for future reference and for the next option.

Cycle Host - here is the good one, if active the game will select a new host at the end of each game; players will opt in like map voting to put themselves forward for the host title. This will then switch the hosts and play the playlist cycle of that player instead.

On the playing rather then creating side of things; the player will go onto the following to reach the custom matchmaking.

  • Go to Multiplayer

  • Select Matchmaking

  • Open the Custom tab and choose one of the follow
    Solo Objective
    Team Objective

Wait to be connected and have fun. (also the player cap is dependant on the host as well.)

Being that we have all this shiny tech and stuff this should be easy-ish to implement and would make the community stronger.


Earn points for your Monitor to help aid in your vistory.

8x8 game mode, slayer/objective mix.

The game functions like a mix of slayer and territories, slayer earns you kills to win whilst territories earn you points for your monitor to spend on dropping weapons, vehicles and a select number of construction objects to build quick forts and cover for the team to use.

The monitor is first selected randomly from the team members so there is always one monitor and seven players per team. He is by all means defenceless save for ability to spend points to drop in items and objects. When the monitor is killed a new player is selected at random; the monitor will be made larger so that its easy to hit; so don’t shake the lightbulb!

This is something I’ve always wanted in Halo. Good old large lobby infection will become a reality.